Top 7 Dual Camera Smartphones in India for Beautiful Blur Effect

We are currently witnessing the age of dual camera smartphones. Every other smartphone in the market is coming with dual camera setup at the rear panel. While that wasn’t enough, some mobile makers came with dual camera setup at the front as well. Certainly, the trend of the dual camera became a mainstream feature after the immense popularity of portrait mode or Bokeh effect photography.

Nowadays, smartphones of price as little as Rs 10,000 are coming with dual camera setup. However, every dual camera setup is not similar, different smartphones have different sensors which offer different features and functions. If you are looking for the best dual camera smartphone, here are few options which you should consider.

List of Best Dual Camera Smartphones in India

Apple iPhone X

Top 7 Dual Camera Smartphones in India for Beautiful Blur Effect

If budget is not a concern to you, then the Apple iPhone X is the best smartphone you can buy that has amazing portrait mode. The handset has a vertical dual rear camera setup. It has a decent 5.8-inch OLED display with ultraslim bezels. The dual camera on the device includes a telephoto lens which offers zoom feature without degrading the quality. And the depth-of-field feature, commonly known as Bokeh effect or portrait mode, lets you focus on the foreground and blur the background.

If iPhone X is out of your budget, you can consider Apple iPhone 8 Plus which brags similar dual camera setup at the rear.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has added a dual camera smartphone on its bandwagon with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It boasts a 6.3-inch display and comes with an S Pen Stylus. The phone is competent to capture background blurred images. The effect can be achieved with a short depth of field and also with wide-angle images. Furthermore, an optical image stabilisation feature is offered on both cameras which ensure steady shots and videos.

OnePlus 5T

Top 7 Dual Camera Smartphones in India for Beautiful Blur Effect

The latest OnePlus flagship killer, the OnePlus 5T comes with an all-new design language and packs the same camera modules of the original OnePlus 5 device. There is a tall 6-inch display offered on the device. The primary dual rear camera includes a 16MP sensor paired with a 20MP telephoto lens which offers Bokeh effect. The low-light photography is also remarkable on the device.

Honor 8 or Honor 8 Pro

The Honor 8 features a 5.2-inch display, whereas the Honor 8 Pro comes with a bigger 5.7-inch display. Both smartphones come with dual camera setup of two 12MP sensors. These are a good pick in the affordable range and offers slick looks.


The LG G6 has a dual camera setup of 13MP standard sensor paired with a 13MP wide angle lens. The 4GB RAM on the handset is competent to handle your all-day tasks. It is almost a year-old smartphone; still, it can offer great photography experience.

Xiaomi Mi A1

Top 7 Dual Camera Smartphones in India for Beautiful Blur Effect

The Mi A1 features dual camera setup of two 12MP sensors among which one is a regular lens and the other one is a telephoto lens. The phone comes with Android One features that mean you get pure Android experience.

Nokia 8

Nokia 8 is another pick from our list of dual camera smartphones which will never let you down. It has a combination of two Carl Zeiss lens – 13MP RGB sensor with a 13MP monochrome sensor.


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