The Best Tech Gifting Ideas for This Diwali Season

It is finally that time of the year when we celebrate the festival of lights. The week before Diwali is spent on shopping and buying gifts for your loved ones. It is the only time of the year when friends and family get together. And what better way than to give your close ones something they will absolutely love? We have a list of tech gifts for Diwali that you will absolutely love. With so many deals and discounts available online, you can pick the best gifts without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Additionally, we have also picked out the gadgets that will easily fit your budget. Want to know what these gifts are? Let’s take a look at the top 5 tech gifts for Diwali that you can gift your friends and family.

Instant Camera

Do you have friends or relatives who take pictures absolutely everywhere you go? If you have that one person in your group who likes making memories by clicking pictures, an instant camera can add a fun element to pictures. There are various instant cameras available in the market with the Fujifilm Instax Mini being one of the best picks. Unlike the pictures we click on our smartphones, instant cameras will give provide you with a physical copy of your picture in seconds. With a gift like this, you can click pictures this Diwali and cherish the memories for a lifetime.

Top 5 Tech Gifts For Diwali You Can Gift Your Friends and Family

Fitness Band

You can gift a fitness band to a friend or relative who is a healthy bug. A fitness band can keep a track on the wearer’s physical activities. It will calculate the number of steps walked, number of floors climbed, number of calories burned, hours of sleep and so much more. The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Fitbit Surge are two great options. While the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is affordable, Fitbit Surge comes a little high priced but is one of the best fitness bands in India. With a gift like this, your friend can take their fitness routine to a whole new level.

Top 5 Tech Gifts For Diwali You Can Gift Your Friends and Family

Power Bank

This Diwali gift is for a friend or relative who never has any charge on their smartphone. We all know someone whose mobile phone is always switched off because of low battery. The best gift for such friends is a power bank. A power bank can charge a mobile phone anytime and anywhere. In fact, power banks are one of the most affordable tech gifts for Diwali. Our suggestion is the Skyska Power Pro 200 with 20000mAh battery. This power bank can easily charge a phone 4-5 times on a single full charge.

Top 5 Tech Gifts For Diwali You Can Gift Your Friends and Family


A Smartwatch is a great gift for your tech-savvy friend. Smartwatches have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. These devices are like an extended version of your smartphone. Once connected to a smartphone, a smartwatch can display call and message notifications, play music, display fitness-related features, etc. If you have the budget, then a smartwatch is an amazing gift option for this Diwali. The Misfit Vapor and Samsung Gear S3 are some of the best picks. These watches are few of the top trending smartwatches in India.

Top 5 Tech Gifts For Diwali You Can Gift Your Friends and Family


We all absolutely enjoy music! Whether you are working, travelling or even jogging, every activity is incomplete without music. A good pair of headphones can be one of the best tech gifts for Diwali. Additionally, if you plan to gift your loved one a wireless headset, they will not have to deal with the hassle of wires. If you are looking for a nice wireless headphone that is not too expensive then the Boat Rockerz 600 is the best choice. It is a wireless over the head headphone which will allow your friend to listen to music on the go.



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