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Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Essential Phone

The Essential Phone is a new, stunning and modular smartphone. What entices us more is that this slab of beauty is crafted by the Messiah of Android himself, Andy Rubin. The Essential Phone is visually striking with an outlandish screen runs a custom version of Android and is priced at $699 (roughly Rs 45,100).

So, what makes this smartphone a must-have? Here are few reasons that will surely make you ditch your present mobile and order the Essential smartphone now!

Why Buy the Essential Phone?

  • Crafted from the creator of Android

The Android creator, Andy Rubin is no new name in today’s mobile industry. He was the CEO at Danger Inc. before creating Android which was then subsequently bought by Google. With the release of the Essential Phone, Rubin is all set to give a tough challenge to the most popular flagship mobiles.

  • Outstanding Specifications at Glance

Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Essential Phone

The 2017’s new Phone offers top-of-the-line specifications which have enough power to challenge the current smartphone kings. The phone offers a unique 5.71-inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1312. It sports a Qualcomm 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. The phone will feature its own AI assistant.

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  • The Brilliant Display

The Essential Phone offers “an edge-to-edge display” which antes even the Samsung Galaxy S8. It screen takes up almost the entire front of the device. It has a higher screen-to-body-ratio as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Further, you will love its futuristic body manufactured from titanium and ceramic making the phone pass any drop test with ease while its aluminium competitors scuffed and chipped during this test.

  • No Headphone Jack

Ah ha! Again the headphone jack is ditched! Just like the iPhone, there is no traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. However, the Essential will ship a headphone dongle with the phone when it’s released.

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  • Ace Rear Camera

Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Essential Phone

The device offers a dual camera with the front facing 8-megapixel sensor that can capture 4K videos. Further, the phone accompanies a 360-degree camera that can click into the top of the phone. The company will also offer a charging dock. Both these can be connected to the phone with small metal pogo pins. The second camera offers a monochrome sensor that will take in more light than the regular 13-megapixel sensor to offer better low light performance.

  • Modular Features like the LG G5

Modular Essential accompanies a 360-degree camera that can be attached to the top of the phone (as described above) through small metal pins.

  • Decently Priced

Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Essential Phone

The Essential Phone price is $699 (approximately £543).  The upcoming mobile phone will be made available in Black Moon and Pure White colour variants. The Stellar Grey and Ocean Depths colour options are slated to launch at a later date.

Looking at the above aspects it won’t be a hype to say that it’s Andy Rubin and his Essential Phone that has the prowess to shift the current smartphone paradigm.

What are your thoughts on the Essential Phone? Let us know in the comments below!!




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  1. Ehis Paul Oriehi on

    LOL……. Spiler Alert….. When next you wanna sell a new product to people, one which has never been tried, let alone trusted, I think you’d fare better if you don’t start the pitch by telling them they’d “surely” ditch their phones for it…. Especially guys who already use a SAMSUNG flagship…..

    See, the phone us a very good one, but it’s lack of a Premium Badge makes it far from great at that price point, even though it’s specs sheet really justifies it all…..

    Final thought…. It’s a very good phone…. But unfortunately, the same reason a fully loaded Chrysler 300 or Cadillac CT6 even if packing all the technology on earth, would still never measure up to the BMWs and Mercedes of this world, so also would this phone amount nothing more than a mere afterthought when paired together with the likes of The Galaxy S8 or the soon to come iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8

    All smartphones now now basically do the exact same things and in very identical ways…. So now buyers don’t really go out looking for specks, they only consider 2 primary things…. 1 = budget, which implies they’d go for the most efficient budget device under $500…..and 2 = Badge, thus implies that if they can afford it, then they might as well just go for the most premium, most popular jaw dropper and crowd pleased the can possibly find…. And all everyone pictures in that fashion are Samsungs Galaxy flagships and iPhones…. No oneone really cares so much about these specs Andy Rubin’s “Essential Phone”….YOU know it, I know it, hell, everyone knows it…… #Touche.

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