More Than To Recover: Different Types Of Flash Drives

Storage of data is still an issue which most of the people face. Cloud storage is a great option but it can be seen that many don’t rely on it. USB storage is still regarded as the best for its user-friendliness, portability and easy access. Pen drives have earned a special space in the lives of people right from teenagers to the elderly ones.

With a variety of flash drives available in the market, it evokes a certain curiosity in the minds of people regarding its usage, appearance and functions.

We bring you a list of different flash drives and their purposes:

Standard Drives:

standard drives

  • Maximum capacity in minimum price.
  • Enclosed in plastic cases.
  • Less durable.
  • Low speed.
  • Storage capacity: 256GB.
  • SanDisk Cruzer Blade is a good option in this category.

Higher Performance Drives:

high performance drives

  • Cater to professional sector.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • More costly.
  • USB 3.0 connectivity enhances data transfer speed.
  • Shock resistant material.
  • Good for critical data storage.
  • Highly reliable.
  • You can consider Transcend Jet Flash 810 pen drive which offers great performance.

Music Flash Drive:

  • Caters to music professionals.
  • Pre-installed software applications that help in running music.
  • Sufficiently durable.
  • Great space.
  • Better speed.

Secure Pen Drives:

secure pen drives

  • Ideal for use of corporations and government.
  • Additional onboard hardware to restrict access to the data stored on the device.
  • Require necessary login for data access along with encryption of data stored which prevents unrestricted access.

Windows To Go Pen Drives:

Windows to Go Pen Drives

  • Ideal tech specifications.
  • Made for the use with an advanced feature of the Enterprise Edition of Microsoft Windows 8.
  • Allows a system administrator in the corporate sector to create a bootable system flash drive which allows a remote machine to resemble the look and feel of a personal computer.

After utility, the flash drives come in great variety of appearances:

Keychain USB Storage:

Keychain USB Flash Drives

  • Keys and USB drive together.
  • Security of data.
  • Functions as a standard pen drive.
  • They are at risk when exposed to harsh conditions.

Credit Card Flash Drive:

Credit Card Flash Drives

  • Basic functionality.
  • Available in numerous variants ranging from 128MB to 32GB.
  • Employed by businesses which carry their work samples along with their business credentials.

Novelty Flash Drives:

Novelty Flash Drives

  • Looks like heroes, villains, and aliens from comics, TV shows, films.
  • Appealing to people of different age groups.
  • Functions as a standard pen drive.
  • Lack the specs that are within the secure and high-performance drives.

The above list covers a few of the flash drives. The market of USB flash drives is expanding day by day. Customization of flash drives is an emerging and trending aspect but one needs to be careful regarding the same.

Some of the pen drives available from the above categories are:  Microware Nick Fury Shape, Transcend Jet Flash 810, Toshiba USB3SuzBK and much more.


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