Top 5 Car Spare Parts to improve Fuel Efficiency

The increasing fuel prices are a pain in almost everyone’s life. However, avoiding the use of the vehicle is certainly not an option for most of us. Hence, we need to find out ways to ensure the fuel efficiency of our cars and low down the fuel expenses. The experts suggest that the replacement of a few car spare parts could make a big difference in achieving fuel efficiency.

Many consumers believe that driving behaviour is the sole factor which is associated with fuel saving. So, they end up with driving slower, using the windows instead of air conditioning, or restricting the frequent car usage. While, driving behaviour is an important aspect of fuel efficiency, there are some automotive spare parts which have to be maintained and replaced periodically to ensure fuel efficiency. Let’s see which car spare parts you should replace right away.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

Top 5 Car Spare Parts to improve Fuel Efficiency

It is an essential car spare part which measures the air flow that enters in the engine and conveys the information to engine’s system. This helps in the regulation of the fuel injection, the ignition system and the transmission shifting. When this part gets dirty or faulty, it sends inaccurate information to the engine computer and affects the fuel economy.

Oxygen sensor and Air Filter

A dirty air filter affects the fuel economy and creates other issues as well. It basically filters the air coming into the engine. Replacing the air filter is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to save fuel. Besides, the oxygen sensor creates a proper mixture of air and fuel.

“Today matters more than saving for tomorrow”

Oil and Fuel Filter

Replace the oil and fuel filter periodically as per the recommended schedule. This will allow your car’s engine to enhance the overall fuel efficiency.

Top 5 Car Spare Parts to improve Fuel Efficiency

Spart Plugs

The spark plug is one of the most an essential car spare parts as it ignites the air/fuel mixture. The air and fuel mixture is formed in the engine combustion chamber. The spark plug replacement allows the engine to use the fuel efficiently.


The worn out, underinflated, or out of alignment of tires affects the fuel efficiency. The tires are the main factor for traction and handling of a car. Even if your tyres are ok, check the pressure monthly so that it won’t affect the fuel economy.


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