International Men’s Day: Cool Tech Gadgets Every Man Should Own

International Men’s day, a day specially dedicated to celebrate and appreciate the men in our lives. The purpose of this day is to highlight male models, promote gender equality and improve gender relations. But we also understand the special relationship that men share with their gadgets. To keep all the men pampered and content on this day, here are a few tech gadgets every man should own.

Well-deserved Smart TV

Whether it’s a game night or movie night, watching everything from the comfort of your couch makes everything simpler and better. And a smart TV in the den is like the icing on the cake. A smart TV will connect to the internet and allow features like playing games, download movies and shows, and use different apps. And with the latest HD, 4K and 4K Ultra HD TV resolutions enjoy the movie watching experience at home.

Virtual personal assistant

A virtual personal assistant can perform certain tasks for an individual. The Amazon Echo Dot is one of those gadgets that everyone wants to get their hands on. Voice controlled by Alexa, the echo dot is an amazing virtual assistant. This personal assistant can update sports scores, play music, deliver news, and control other smart home gadgets like smart lights and locks. It is definitely a cool gadget worth having around.

Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

A smartwatch and a fitness tracker are worn on the wrist just like a watch. A fitness tracker tracks all your activities to help you stay fit. It is a perfect monitor for staying healthy. A smartwatch connects with your phone and notifies you of incoming calls, messages and social media notifications. Additionally, it also keeps a monitor on the heart rate, the number of steps walked, calories burned to keep you fit.

Powerful Wireless Headset

It is truly one of the perfect gadgets for everyone who enjoys music. A wireless headset removes the hassle of having to deal with wires and lets you enjoy music anywhere and at any time. It connects to your phone, TV and other devices through Bluetooth. Listening to music or enjoying a movie at your own leisure and sound is made convenient with wireless headsets.

Excellent Camera

While our smartphones itself come with good camera quality, a camera lens outflanks any smartphone camera. Capturing memories while on the go requires a camera. They are compact, easy to carry around and come with excellent resolutions to take great pictures. Capture your next vacation with some high-quality images.


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