These Sennheiser HE 1 Headphones Costs Rs. 45 Lakhs in India

Sennheiser is one of the premium audio brands in the world and the company has once again grabbed the headlines in India thanks to its new Sennheiser HE 1 headphones with Tube amplifier. The company has recently launched the new headphone for a whopping price of Rs 45 lakhs. The headphones will be made available in India for purchase from May 27.

Spending that much on a headphone might sound stupidity for some people, but the company says that the quality of this headphone justifies the price tag. The company further says that the new HE 1 headphones incorporate the technology which has been developed for around a decade.

Sennheiser HE 1: Features & Specifications

The premium headphones are claimed to feature a technology which provides a frequency response which is said to be beyond the range of human ears’ hearing range. Moreover, the headphone is said to be measured with the lowest total harmonic distortion available in any audio reproduction system.

In addition to this audio reproduction capabilities, the Sennheiser HE 1 headphones employ a tube amplifier. The tube amplifier comprises a total of eight vacuum tubes which are used to process the signals. The tubes used with the headphones are sensitive to air-borne-noise, hence the company has crafted the amplifier construction from granular, inhomogeneous Carrara marble.

The company explained in a press release that the marble has damping properties which help in reduction of structure-borne noise to an absolute minimum level. The tubes are made from high-quality quartz-glass bulbs which are ideal. The tube amplifier also boasts a ultra-high impulse amplifier stage which is incorporated into the earcups.

Talking about the new technology, the new amplifier combines the fantastic impulse processing of tube amplifier. This allows the tube amplifier to process the low distortion of a transistor amplifier to perfection. The diaphragms of the headphone are made from a platinum-vaporised process and boast gold-vaporised ceramic electrodes for better acoustic output. The headphone features a frequency response from 8Hz to 100KHz.

Kapil Gulati who is the Director Consumer Segment at Sennheiser Electronics India commented on the launch that the company is very excited to launch its headphones in the Indian market which boasts the world’s finest audiophile experience. The company has set a new benchmark with its new range of headphones in India, Gulati added.


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