Synaptics Announces New Optical-Based Fingerprint Sensor for Smartphones

Synaptics has recently announced a new technology of fingerprint sensor for latest mobiles and tablets which are optical-based fingerprint sensor which could detect through the glass. The new sensor is called as Synaptics FS9100.

Samsung and Synaptics have been working together for a long time and the new natural ID FS9100 optical fingerprint sensors might get used in next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. The Galaxy S8 was long rumored to include a sensor underneath the display glass instead of a home button integrated scanner.

‘Synaptics’ FS9100 family of fingerprint sensors represents a new breed of optical fingerprint sensor technology that is designed to meet the needs of mobile devices, including the ability to image through the thick 2.5D glass. In addition to opening the door to new industrial design options, it enables OEMs to provide highly durable, button-free cover glass and more easily provide water resistant products while eliminating low yield glass processing.”, said Anthony Gioeli, vice president of marketing, Biometrics Product Division, Synaptics, in a press release.

The new FS9100 sensor can detect fingerprints under as much as 1mm of glass. The sensor can also recognize accurately even if the display is covered by a 2.5D glass. The company has claimed that the FS9100 sensor is capable of scanning we-fingers. The sensor can unlock your Galaxy S8 easily if and when it comes with an IP-rating. Moreover, the latest sensor positioning will come with features such as waterproof, scratch-proof, and extra-sturdy. It is extremely thin in size and demands minimal power consumption.

Synaptics said that the innovation will allow the smartphone makers to remove the physical home button and bring a cleaner industrial design for their upcoming mobiles. However, the company hasn’t said that the new sensor will be featured in Galaxy S8, but the language used to illustrate appears similar to what Samsung has said about the S8.

Samsung stated in its previous comment that the Galaxy S8 will come with a sleek and graceful design. The rumors are suggesting that the Galaxy S8 will feature touch-based power and volume buttons. Also, an edge-to-edge display with no physical home button is expected in the device.


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