Surprisingly Affordable 4K TV: Top 5 UHD TV’s to buy in India

Since the discovery and evolution of TV, humans have been greatly fascinated by it. Moreover, it is our source of entertainment as well of our source of knowledge on what’s happening around the world. 4K TV has changed the way people look at televisions.

4K TV’s are ruling the television market today. Although, having a 4K TV means having four times more resolution compared to a normal HD TV. It provides smart access to easily control your TV, data can be easily shared through devices and viewed on a bigger screen. With the roof high prices of these TV’s, here is a list of affordable 4k TV’s to buy in India:

LG 43UH750T

LG is a multi-national brand with over a million products. The LG 43UH750T is a 43-inch ultra-thin model in LG’s 4K TV’s. LG raises its norm of digital picture with resolutions over four times more than that of a full HD TV. Watch from any angle, this TV comes with the high dynamic range technology that offers true colour accuracy, wide viewing angles, blur-free clarity and a stable screen. A few features of this TV include:

  • Magic Zoom- The viewers can enlarge their screens by clicking on the zoom key while watching something to view the minute details.
  • Multi-View- The viewers can watch two different things on the same screen through the Multi-View app.
  • Magic Mobile Connection- This allows the viewers to connect their phones to the TV and watch things contently on the big screen. It also allows the viewers to enjoy music and games on your TV by enabling the Wi-Fi connection. ‘
  • Music Player- It allows the viewers to enjoy music through the TV speakers even if the screen is turned off.

Samsung KU6000

Now enjoy HDR content with previously unseen details. The Samsung KU6000 is a 40 inch 4K TV that comes with a UHD display which is four times more than a normal HD display. With 3840 x 2160 pixels, everything is pristinely clear. A few added features of this TV are:

  • PurColour- It increases colour definition by 7 times as compares to the 27 adjustment points of an HD TV.
  • UHD Up-scaling- With an easy four-step process, viewers can stream and watch low-resolution content with an almost UHD-level quality.
  • UHD Dimming- With optimised colour, contrast and sharpness viewers can experience a more real-life image quality.
  • Smart Hub- As soon as the TV is switched on, everything right from movies, games, to sports is there on the screen. Additionally, a single point access allows you to decide on what content viewers want to watch.
  • Smart View- With the help of the smart view app, viewers can connect their phone or laptop to the TV to share content to view on the bigger screen.

Sony KD-43X8300D

This slim and elegantly designed 43 inch 4K TV by Sony is made to fit your house perfectly. This TV supports Android, bringing an enormous list of possibilities for the viewers. Everything from sports, cartoons, movies to hundreds of apps, everything is at your convenience. This 4K TV by Sony refines every minute detail for bringing out incredibly realistic pictures. Furthermore, with the new TRILUMINOS display, colours and hues are showcased more naturally and accurately as you would see them in the day to day life.


This 55 inch 4K TV features 3840 x 2160 pixel display makes your content look more fascinating.  With the new Pixelight HDR technology, the bright and dark parts of the pictures are enhanced to provide a wide range of colour. HDR improves the images to provide high-quality images. It improves the dark parts of a picture with the help of high brightness and contrasts to make it look more additionally vivid. Features this TV comes with are:

  • Ultra Wide Colour Gamut- It showcases colours like they are intended to look like in nature. It is for the viewers to enjoy their content on the bigger screen.
  • DBX-TV Sound- The DBX-TV allows the viewers to watch their high-quality content while enjoying the high-quality sound effect simultaneously.
  • Ultra Dimming- This LED backlight is separated to create an astonishing level of black and white, enhances colour and gives images remarkable details.
  • Ultra Smooth Motion- This technology allows the transition between actions on the screen smoother for the viewer.

Panasonic TH-43EX480DX

Panasonic’s TH-43EX480DX 43-inch 4K Ultra HDR TV makes pictures look brilliantly detailed. The super bright panel plus feature in this TV, make pictures look more sharp and dynamic by boosting the brightness with a highly effective backlight system. Likewise, the High Dynamic Range or HDR makes the images look more real-like. It gives the viewers the feeling of seeing the real thing, rather than something on a TV screen. Use your smartphone as a remote control by connecting it to the TV to browse the web, enjoy your favourite shows and songs.


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