Split AC vs Window AC: Chill Your Way through The Summer with the Best

Speeding through the months of winter, we have summer already upon us. Well, to be frank, the one thing that helps us survive the summer heat is air conditioners. There are various types of air conditioners in the market. However, the most commonly used air conditioners in India are Split AC and Window AC. Even till this day, the choice between Split AC vs Window AC confuses most people. If you are thinking of buying a new air conditioner and are confused with the same Split AC vs Window AC question, we are here to make the decision easy for you.

Split AC

Split AC’s come in two parts. One part is mounted on a wall inside the house. Another part, known as the compressor, is installed outside the house. This type of air conditioner is used for large rooms that require high cooling capacity. Also, you get the complete freedom to install AC in a place that looks good instead of setting it in an awkward window space.

Window AC

Like Split AC’s, a Window AC can’t be installed anywhere. Window AC’s are wall mounted and are perfect only for rooms with a window space. This type of air conditioner comes with all the parts such as condenser, expansion coil and compressor in one big box. They are easy to install and are a cost-effective solution to keeping a room cool.

Split AC vs Window AC: Chill Your Way through The Summer with the Best

Split AC vs Window AC: Survival of the Coolest

Now that you got a brief insight into the functions of both the air conditioners, it’s time to dig deeper. A detailed comparison between both these AC’s will help you make your decision on which one should you choose to fight the summer heat.


Like we mentioned above, with a Split AC, you are given the freedom to choose the room you want to install the AC in. On the other hand, to consider a Window AC, you need to have a mandatory window space in the room. Additionally, Split AC’s are available in various colours and patterns for you to choose from. Window AC’s are limited to the basic White colour. Even aesthetically, Split AC’s are a better choice as they don’t spoil the look of your interior.

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Cooling Power

Cooling power is one of the most important features that people look for in an air conditioner. Split AC’s are can cool a room faster and are best suited for larger rooms. Window AC’s are compact and are designed for cooling smaller rooms.


One major drawback of Window AC’s is the noise that they produce. The noise is pretty much inevitable as one box holds all the noisy components. Whereas, Split AC’s don’t create noise as they have all the noisy components installed outside the house. If you enjoy your baby sleep, then a Split AC is the best choice for you.

Power Consumption

Most people look for ways to reduce the electricity bill while using an air conditioner. Dealing with summer means, keeping the air conditioner turned on for most of the day. Power consumption depends on the star rating. For instance, a 5 star AC will consume 10% less power than a 4 star AC. A 3 star 1.5-ton Window AC is apt for a small room and a 5 star Split AC is convenient for a larger room in terms of efficiency.

Split AC vs Window AC: Chill Your Way through The Summer with the Best


A window AC comes with all the components compactly designed in one box. In terms of servicing, Window AC’s are low maintenance and don’t necessarily require expert or professional help. When it comes to Split AC’s, they are high maintenance are required frequent servicing. Troubleshooting problems in a Split AC are more complicated and require expert or professional help.


When we consider the price, Window AC’s are way more cost-efficient when compared to Split ACs. A window AC will cost you far less than a Split AC. However, the cost is one of the last factors you should consider. Air Conditioners are long-time investments, so if you want your AC to work efficiently for years, then consider all other factors before the price.


With every passing year, surviving through the summer has become almost impossible without an air conditioner. In our honest opinion, there is no clear winner in the Split AC vs Window AC war. Both the air conditioners have an equal number of pros and cons. After considering all the points and your requirements, you can narrow down on the air conditioner of your choice.


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