Sony Launches X Series 4K HDR TVs in India

Sony has recently launched the 2017 version of its range of 4K HDR TVs in India. The prices of new televisions start at Rs 72,900 for the 43-inch models. The company has released a total of 17 models under its X-series. The Sony TVs will be made available for purchase at Sony Stores across the country.

The most expensive and the biggest TV in the range is the Sony X94E 75-inch which is priced at Rs 6,04,900. The Sony X95E is a 55-inch top-of-the-line 4K HDR TV model in India which is priced at Rs 3,04,900, and 65-inch model is priced at Rs 4,04,900. The Sony X93E 55-inch model is priced at Rs 2,64,900 and the 65-inch model priced at Rs 3,64,900.

Sony Launches X Series 4K HDR TVs in India

Further down, the Sony X90E series is a slightly reasonable range of TVs which starts at a starting price of Rs 1,54,900 for a 49-inch model. The 65-inch and 55-inch model is priced at Rs 2,84,900, and Rs 2,04,900 respectively. The Sony 4K HDR TVs’ X82E range has a 55-inch TV with a price tag of Rs1,54,900, a 49-inch model with a price of Rs 1,24,900, and a 43-inch model which costs Rs 87,900.

Further down, the Sony X70E range has a 49-inch model priced at Rs 94,900, and a 43-inch model priced at Rs 72,900. The TVs in the X75E range are offered in 43-, 49-, 55-, and 65-inch model. However, the company hasn’t revealed the release date and price details of the X75E line-up.

Sony Launches X Series 4K HDR TVs in India

Among these new Sony TVs, the X94E series is costly because it has direct LED technology in its panel. The rest of the LED TVs in the newly launched line-up has an edge LED panel. This actually means that the LED panel on X94E is competent to offer better brightness and contrast output.

Sony is touting the X95E and X93E range of TVs as ‘Slim Backlight Drive+’ which offers more brightness and accurate local dimming control.

Sony Launches X Series 4K HDR TVs in India

On the connectivity front, the TV in X82E and onwards have four HDMI ports. The X82E has two HDMI ports on the side and two on its back, whereas the X90E has three HDMI ports on its side and one of the back. The X93E, X94E, and X95E range have one HDMI port on the side and three at the bottom. Lastly, the X70E has two HDMI ports on the side and one at the rear side.

All 4K HDR TVs in Sony X-series runs on Android TV 7.0 Nougat OS powered by Sony’s own interface on its top. The remote control also features Android aspects equipped on it. There are dedicated buttons on the remote for YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play Store.


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