Smartphone Security! Not optional any more – DIYs, Best Apps & Insurance for you

Today, mobiles aren’t just a device for making calls! People use their Smartphone to surf the web, access social networking sites, shop, bank online and much more. It won’t be wrong to state that Smartphones today are a trove of sensitive business and personal data ranging from your email accounts to financial & medical information, travel itineraries, to cloud data repositories (Dropbox, Google Docs, Apple iCloud, etc). Since your cell accompanies you almost everywhere, the odds of it being misplaced, hacked, lost or stolen will put your data and apps at risk. Not to mention, the cyber criminals and malwares are also increasingly targeting Smartphones. Given the important information your phone can access, it’s essential to keep unauthorized users away by securing your device.

Does Smartphone Security Really Matter?

The obvious answer is, “Yes!” Mobile security is no longer an option. The degree to which your Smartphone must be secured depends upon the individual user. Threats to your mobile security will also be on rise and may not be detectable most of the times. They may range from a simple snoopy friend who may read your emails to highly complex Trojan horses, or third-party apps that share your personal information.

Google’s Android operating system averaged 5,768 malware attacks daily over a six-month period, according to CYREN’s Security Report for 2013. Today more than 99 % of new mobile malware is designed to target Android, according to a Q1 2014 Mobile Threat Report by security firm F-Secure Corp. based in Finland. The number of documented vulnerabilities for iOS Apple iPhone and iPads increased 82 % in 2013, according to a Symantec report.

Do you know that your entire mobile information is traceable and downloadable? Also your sensitive data may be shared all over the Internet if you are not careful enough. So, here are some common security tips, tricks, and tools to combat them.

Playing It Safe: DIY Tips to Enhance Mobile Security

•    Use Pins, Passcodes or Fingerprint Scanner Mobiles to lock Phones
•    Ensure that your device locks itself automatically
•    Install security software
•    Download apps from approved sources
•    Check your apps’ permissions
•    Keep an eye over operating system updates
•    Be wary of any links you receive via email or text message
•    Encrypt your Smartphone
•    Turn off automatic Wi-Fi connection
•    Turn off Bluetooth and NFC when not in use

Top 5 Security Apps – Trusted By Many

360 Security:  Trusted by 200 million users, 360 Security is one of the most popular and highly rated antivirus Android apps available. The latest version of the app provides many features including, real time protection, a junk file cleaner, a power saving option, memory booster to free RAM, anti-theft tools for locating and many more. As per Test’s September 2015 report, the app achieved a detection rate of 99.9%, the highest of any of the security apps tested. The app firmly focuses on detecting and nullifying threats to your system. Some of its characteristics are – streamlined and elegant design, extremely lightweight, and it’s completely free, smooth performance and a host of extra features.

Avast! Mobile Security: Protecting 230 million people worldwide, Avast! Mobile Security, a free app that offers a host of solutions for enhancing your phone security. The app ensures your mobile  highest degree of protection from phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses. The app provides tools like automatic Virus and malware scanner, provides insights about installed apps, Call Blocking facility, Scans and blocks malware-infected links and App Locking. Here is what has to say – “A light footprint with no discernible drain on battery life and no impact on general performance.”

Avira Antivirus Security: Next in our list is the Avira Anti Virus that provides gadget security. With a 99.9% detection rate and no false positives the app shield your devices from malware, blocks banking, Ransomware and Trojans. Some of the features include anti-theft and recovery tools, identity safeguard & blacklist, stagefright Advisor. As per the Editor’s Review, CNET, Avira Antivirus Security is an excellent app and highly recommended for the security-conscious user.

AVG AntiVirus Security: AVG defends our smartphones from virus and malware protection. Some of its features include – Monitor battery and storage, real-time app scanner, Anti-Theft & Phone Location, app lock, phone locator, task killer, and others to help shield you from threats.

CM Security: With over 16-years of history and 500,000,000 trusted users and, CM security has been one of the highly reliable app to boost security. The app provides various features like – lock system, intruder selfie, ind Phone | Anti-Theft, caller id & blocking, block malicious URLs, and protecting against phishing websites.  Fingerprint lock password is supported on specific devices


Top 3 Gadget Insurance & Security Providers in India

Here is a list of service providers who are offering Smartphone insurance in India.

1. Syska Gadget Secure: With an amazing tag line “Whenever life happens, you remain unaffected”, Syska Gadget has managed to secure the limelight. The firm has introduced different plans depending upon the price of Smartphone. Choose any as per the pricing and plans. The mobile insurance company provides absolute security and protection against accidental damages, fluid damage, theft, security, data protection and fire damage. In addition, SYSKA Gadget Secure provides you with the latest blockbuster movies and videos for free.

2. Warranty Asia:  Warrantyasia is currently providing insurance for mobile phones and tablets for brands sold by authorized Indian (Local/Online) retailers and that provide a warranty of 1 Year from the date of purchase. Some of the features include – Mobile Safety, 1 year FREE Mobile insurance against Theft & Accidental Damage,  Extended 3 months Warranty, etc. Although terms and conditions for his company are quite strict, it is a trustworthy insurance provider.

3. Gadgetcops: Gadgetcops is one of the India’s leading provider of Extended Warranty and Protection plans for Mobile Devices.  They provide insurance against Accidental Damage, liquid damage, mechanical and electrical faults, Theft and other Value Added Services for two years.


Overall: Be Aware

Smartphones are the go-to device for everything and this trend is only going to continue. Naturally, it is not easy to be aware of every specific threat. If you are buying a high end mobile, it is better to protect it by installing security apps and pick a mobile insurance.

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