After Airtel, Now Idea Cuts Data Rates – All Thanks to Reliance Jio

The top telecom companies Airtel, Idea and Reliance control about 85% of the wireless data market. So far, the price for 1 GB data pack was Rs 250 and 10 GB was priced at Rs 1350-1,500. However, the entry of Reliance Jio, shook up the price equilibrium. Have a look at the price cuts and percent benefit in data rates of all three telecom operators.

Bharti Airtel
In order to boost the uptake of mobile internet and affordability, Airtel announced slashing data tariffs for pre-paid customers by increasing data benefits by up to 67%. Under the revised data benefits, the Rs 655 4G/3G monthly recharge pack will now offer 5GB data vs 3GB earlier. Similarly, with an increase by 54% data benefit, the 3G/4G data with a cap of 2GB which was priced at Rs 455, will now offer 3GB of data at the same tariff. The 2G/3G/4G sachet packs will also benefits by up to 48%. In contrast to 100 MB dta that was offered earlier, the Rs 25 2G pack now offers 45% more data at 145 MB. You can enjoy 48% data increase to 30 MB on the one day 2G data pack which is priced at Rs 5.


Owing to the price slash, Bharti Airtel is now the second cheapest 4G operator in India after Reliance Jio. The company offers latest mobile phone and 3 months of unlimited data and calls for Rs 2,999.

Idea Cellular
The next major name in the wireless network, Idea has also announced cutting of mobile internet rates to offer more value to customers. The prices were slashed on their 4G, 3G and 2G data packs. Idea users with 4G Mobile Phones support can enjoy up to 45% more data benefits with this new scheme on sachet packs below 1 GB. The 2G data pack that offered 75 MB data for 3 Days at Rs. 19 will now offer 45% percent more value i.e. 110 MB data for 3 Days at the same price. Similarly, a 4G/3G pack that offered 65 MB data for 3 Days at Rs. 22 will provide 90 MB 3G data for 3 days – offering 38% more data benefit. Moreover, with an aim of providing higher value for money, the Idea’s new BIG Internet packs allows movie downloads, stream songs and playing games online. Both postpaid and prepaid data users can enjoy this new offer

without the need to worry about data balance. Here is the table that shows the percent saving on every pack. Idea has also launched new low cost data packs called Freedom Packs starting at just Rs. 35 with 4 weeks’ validity.

As per, Idea had warned that data prices will have to be raised to Rs 1,000-2,500 per GB if operators are not allowed to do so. Though the regulator denied permission to charge differently based on what the consumer did with the end product, Idea Cellular has not raised its data price so far.

All Thanks to Reliance JIO!
All the three major players in the internet arena tend to keep their prices in sync with each other. Jio is expected to shake up the Indian wireless market due to its enormous scale and disruptive pricing. The company is expected to announce a blockbuster ‘Freedom Offer’ similar to ‘Monsoon Hungama’. It is expected that the company will offer 10 GB of data for around Rs 500, and its 1 GB pack will be priced around Rs 80. Keeping in mind such cheaper data offers, the other two players have already announced the price slashes prior the official launch of services.


The realm of Internet revolution has already begun. The falling prices will surely help the internet users to reap the benefits of innovative, customised and affordable products conveniently.


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