Make Your Smartphone Unbreachable With These Simple Tips

In the whirlwind of day to day life, our lives have changed because of our latest smartphones. Think about how much of our lives revolve around our phones. It is our one-stop for everything from calls, messages, social media, contacts, emails, passwords, financial details, credit/debit card numbers, photos and more personal data.  So it is safe to say that, our smartphones have made our lives easier and better.

Most of us want to stay updated with the latest technology but as smartphones keep getting bigger and expensive, damaging the phone or anything happening to it usually feels like a death sentence. However, there are some simple tips to protect your phone. Want to know what can you do to save your phone from such things happening? Read on!

Protection for the Screen:

Have you ever felt the fear of dropping your phone and ending up with a broken or a scratched screen? Well all of us have! The best way to overcome this fear is to be safe and apply some simple tips to protect your phone from any such thing happens. The best way to do it is by getting a screen protector. Depending on the amount you are ready to invest you can purchase the plastic or tempered glass protectors.

The plastic protector gives you an added minimum protection and saves your phone from cracks, scratches and dust but you have to keep in mind to not let air bubbles form and to keep the plastic clean. On the other hand, while the tempered glass protector is expensive compared to the plastic protection it is much more efficient. With this protection, your smartphone can withstand a higher pressure of drop or smash.

Follow These Simple Tips To Protect Your Phone to Make it Unbreakable

Protection for every corner of your phone:

Most people think that protecting your phone with a back cover is not as important, as it spoils the look. But what makes more sense? Spending hundreds of dollars to buy a new phone and have it damaged by dropping it or by spending a few extra dollars to buy a back cover that will protect your phone from damage? This accessory is specifically made just to protect phones from any external damage and you need to get one for your phone.

Protection from Water:

It is not as difficult as it sounds. If your phone is not a waterproof phone, protecting it from water might be a little tricky but not impossible. With a few hacks, it becomes easy to save your phone even from water. A few accessories could be used to save your phone from water such as waterproof phone case, waterproof cell phone bag, or a water pouch. Though carrying or using these accessories might be difficult at all times, they could be used when you are sure of being around water.

Protection while Driving:

Protect your phone from falling with the help of a car mount. It is one of the simplest tips to protect your phone. Car mounts are very useful while driving as they support the phone and prevent it from falling or sliding around. With the long neck feature, it also becomes easy to navigate routes through GPS, as the driver does not have to take their eyes off their phone to look at their screen.

Protection from Intrusion:

With all the recent news reports on hacking and theft, it is impossible to not feel helpless when you think of your phone being hacked or stolen and your personal data falling into the wrong hands. Protecting your phone in advance from any such thing happening is the only solution to this problem.

A few things that help secure your phone are keeping your phones software updated, having a difficult password lock to crack, avoid using public Wi-Fi especially for accessing important things like your bank account, download apps or any other data from known and trusted sources, installing an anti-virus, backing up data on a external source or on your cloud, and activating the phones tracker capability to track your phone if lost or stolen.

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Protection from the Sun:

Yes, too much exposure to sunlight is not good for your phone as it is not good for your skin. Exposing your phone to the sunlight for a long period of time could cause the phone’s battery to overheat and affects the phones touch screen. Also, overheated phones tend to crack or break faster if dropped. Being smart and keeping your phone in your bag or covered is the easiest tips to protect your phone.

Follow These Simple Tips To Protect Your Phone to Make it Unbreakable

Protection from Loss of Data:

Most often, the most common problem everyone faces is the loss of data due to lack of backup. Backing up your data is very important. You never know when you might require a quick restore. You could back up your phone’s data with an external or portable hard drive, save it online through a cloud, drive or Dropbox, save it on a USB flash drive that is small and easy to carry around.


Your smartphone is the closest and most important device that you own. Protecting it from all kinds of problems from the beginning saves you the worry at a later stage. With these few steps, you have almost done everything to protect your phone, making it unbreachable!


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