Air Conditioner Buying Guide: Your Guide to Pick the Perfect AC

Surviving through the summer months especially in India is legit, not comfortable. The scorching heat during these few months makes it impossible to survive without an air conditioner. Getting a brand new AC for home or office is a long-term investment. You need to make sure that you are picking the best product that suits your requirements. Our air conditioner buying guide will help you understand what you need. Our air conditioner buying guide will walk you through the different things you need to consider before making a final choice on the perfect AC model. Let’s begin.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide: Your Guide to Pick the Perfect AC

Air Conditioner Buying Guide #1: Type

There is more than just one type of air conditioners in India. The various types include- Window AC, Split AC, the newly launched Portable AC and Inverter AC. Here is what makes each of them different from the other.

Window AC

The name says it all! A window air conditioner is installed into the window frame of a particular room, with the blower facing towards the room and the rest facing outside. It is the most common type of air conditioner in the market. Window AC’s are most suitable for smaller rooms with a size restriction. However, installing a window AC requires the room to have a window.

Additionally, Window AC’s are more budget-friendly and are easy to install. These air conditioners do not need any kind of drilling on the walls to hide air tubes. Moreover, window AC’s are not just designed for the summer months, but the winter months too. Most window AC models come with an inbuilt heater to keep you warm on cold nights. The only drawback of installing a window AC is that it produces a lot of noise. Apart from that, they are economical, easy to install, and can be used year round.

Split AC

Coming to the next and the most-preferred AC type called split AC. A split air conditioner consists of two units. One unit is mounted on a wall inside the house and the other unit is placed outside the house. Out of these two, it is the outside unit that of a condenser and compressor. The inside unit only consists the blower. Split AC’s do not require a window for installation. Design wise, a split AC is the best option as it looks aesthetic and can be installed anywhere in the house.

Furthermore, a split AC is also capable of cooling faster and can be opted for large rooms. When compared to its counterpart, split AC’s make less noise. However, split AC’s are on the high-priced side in comparison to window ACs. The only drawback of a split AC is that installation requires drilling a hole through the wall.

Portable AC

A portable air conditioner is very similar to a portable air cooler. Just like the name suggests, you can move this AC easily from one room to the other. This type of air conditioner is most suitable for people who travel a lot and need to take their air conditioner along with them. A portable air conditioner is also preferred when there is no feasibility for installing a window or a split AC in the house. As these air conditioners can easily be moved around, the only drawback is that they are pretty expensive.

Inverter AC

Air conditioners that run on the inverter technology are smarter and highly efficient than the rest. Inverter AC’s are eco-friendly and offer consistent cooling. The compressor on these air conditioners runs at various speeds so that it can cool evenly to provide you with a constant temperature. Moreover, an inverter AC is also capable of cooling a room quickly.

If you are looking for an air-conditioner that will last long, then inverter AC’s should be your pick. They have a long lifespan and are highly power efficient. This means that these AC’s do not take up a lot of power to reach maximum cooling. And lastly, inverter AC’s produce the least amount of noise compared to non-inverter AC’s.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide #2: Capacity

The size of your room plays a very important role when it comes to buying an AC. You need to pick the perfect AC capacity depending on the size of your room. Imagine buying a small AC for a large room – the cooling will not be sufficient. Similarly, if you buy a large AC for a small room, you will end up paying higher bills. So, pick the right capacity depending on the room.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide: Your Guide to Pick the Perfect AC

The above chart is a good example of what kind of tonnage you need to look for, depending on the room size. On the other hand, you will have to increase the AC capacity if any 2 of the following points apply to you.

  • You live in a city where the temperatures can exceed 40 degrees
  • You live on higher floors in the building
  • Your room has a lot of windows and doors that let in sunlight
  • If the AC will face west or south
  • And, if the height of your room is more than 9.5 feet

Air Conditioner Buying Guide #3: Power Consumption

Air Conditioner Buying Guide: Your Guide to Pick the Perfect AC

When we install an AC, it is a given thing that our electricity cost will increase as well. However, how much power your air conditioner consumes depends on the star rating. Though AC’s with a high star rating are comparatively more expensive, they go easy on the power consumption. This, in turn, reduces your electricity bill. So, a five-star air conditioner will consume less power and also lower the electricity bill.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide #4: Copper Coil Vs Aluminium Coil

Air conditioners are made of coils which help in converting gas refrigerant to liquid refrigerant and the other way around. It is this process that helps in keeping the room cool. These coils are either made of copper or aluminium. Copper coil air conditioners are more energy-efficient, less corrosive and have high heat transfer rate. On the other hand, aluminium coils are cheaper and economical. So, when given the choice, always prefer an AC with copper coil.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide #5: Features

Once you have decided on the type, capacity and star rating, look for features that will make your AC experience a comfortable one. Here are some of the features you can look for while deciding on an air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide: Your Guide to Pick the Perfect AC

Anti-bacterial filter

Air conditioners with the anti-bacterial feature come with an inbuilt filter which gets rid of all the dust, bacteria, pollens and other allergens.


The monsoon season brings along with it excess moisture and humidity. The dehumidification feature will remove the excess moisture from the room making it comfortable and cosy.

Cooling and Heating

Air conditioners with this feature can be used throughout the year. Apart from keeping you cool during the summer months, these cooling & heating air conditioners come with in-built heaters. The heater can be turned on to stay warm in the freezing months.

Sleep Mode

Sleep peacefully without worrying about turning the AC off with the sleep mode. The sleep mode reduces the cooling every hour making sure that you do not have to wake up to turn off the AC and to save on the electricity bill.


One of the most useful features, auto-clean will get rid of all the tiny micro-organisms and dust particles in the air conditioner. With this feature, you are sure to breathe in clean air.

So, we come to the end of our air conditioner buying guide 2018. Now that you are aware and have understood all the important factors to consider while buying an air conditioner, picking the perfect model for your house will be an easy and smooth task. If you are ready to make a choice, you can also take a look at our list of top air conditioner in 2018.


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