Samsung Successfully Carries Out the 5G Prototype Trials

South Korean tech giant, Samsung mobiles has successfully conducted the 5G prototype tests. A report of the 5G prototype trials is published by Samsung’s newsroom stated that the company has partnered with China Mobile Research Institute and working together for the 5G development since June 2016. The partnership of two organizations is said to be started when Samsung united with the China Mobile 5G Innovation Center.

The 5G prototype trials were done in Beijing, where Samsung authenticated two foremost technologies for 5G. The first technology involved in 5G is spatial modulation, while the other is FBMC (filter bank multicarrier). The spatial modulation technology increases the rate of data transfer without the bandwidth expansion for a known system. The FBMC is a new technique to divide carrier signals into diverse channels of the same frequency spectrum.

Both these technologies were tested at a frequency of 3.5GHz, which is nearly the perimeter of present LTE networks.  The said frequency is a high frequency which has limitations for good coverage; hence the latest technology will be appropriate mostly for the metro regions, where large numbers of cells can be positioned close to each other.

The main drawback of the 5G technologies could be the presence of high frequency, as they will not work out in rural areas or extreme outdoors. The coverage of such technology will be very limited for usage.

Samsung is also trying the performance of the latest technology with its current prototype. The company explained that the test which is performed by two organizations is to validate the performance of extremely high frequencies. Such high frequencies are called as millimeter wave frequencies in the field o mobile communication. The so-called millimeter wave frequencies range from 30GHz to 300GHz. The technology which the company has tested for the 5G prototype trial is ten times lower than that. Hence, more results are expected to come from Samsung on the 5G technology soon.

Samsung has developed and invested in R&D for the 5G technology since the late 2000s. In 2014, the company started focusing on the 5G commercialization technologies. After the hard efforts, the company has now achieved great milestones on the 5G technology expansion. The company has carried away the handover demonstration in the multi-cell mmWave network, miniaturized devices, and equipment for Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

Dai Jun Zhang who is the Vice President and R&D Head of Samsung China said that the company will continue the progress in 5G technology along with the CMRI. The company has been working keenly on 5G tech and now it has marked a great progress.

The company has contributed a key role in the formation of 3GPP standards and struggles for a global and combined 5G standards which are expected to get finalized in 2018.

Moreover, the company has recently confirmed that the alleged 5G tech will be ready for commercial utilization until the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. With this, we could get our hands on the tremendously high speeds of mobile connectivity earlier that the expectations.


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