Samsung, Google, HTC, & others establish the Global Virtual Reality Association

The world’s key virtual reality giants have joined the hands to form the Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA). The GVRA is a non-profit organization which is aimed to build a regulatory body for ever-expanding virtual reality industry. The association includes major players- Google, HTC with Vive, Samsung, Facebook’s Oculus, Acer and Starbreeze’s StarVR, and Sony.

The GVRA is focusing its vision on working together and building quality products and services which will enhance the VR experience for their customers. The association members will discuss and will share the best practices for the betterment of VR globally. Apparently, the association also aims to implement the standard policies and have an organization to ensure standardized protocols similar to the TV and internet industry. It will also bring new possibilities for VR functionality in existing and upcoming mobiles.

As per the GVRA statement, the Global Virtual Reality Association is aimed to support the responsible development and acceptance of the VR globally.  The members of the association will develop and contribute to the best practices, perform research, and build the international VR community jointly as the technology grows. The group will also act as a resource for consumers, industry, and policymakers who are interested in VR.

The initial lineup of the association is constituted by StarVR, HTC Vive, Samsung, Facebook’s Oculus, and Sony and it will make room for more companies if they express the interest. The aforementioned companies will make up the board members, whereas the other companies that will join later will be the regular members fulfill the Board’s prerequisites.

We have profiled the companies associated with the GVRA here.

  • Star VR

Acer and Starbreeze have jointly presented the StarVR earlier this year. The StarVR headsets had started the shipment of its first batch at the end of August. The full production of the headsets will begin next year.

The company has to promote the new 5K technology with the ultra large field of view of 210 degrees horizontal. For this, StarVR has aligned with IMAX and Lionsgate Studios to bring the devices to select theaters. Acer is also working on a technology to make use of its headsets with computers.

  • Google

The Google Daydream is the latest smartphone VR system after the success of Google Cardboard platform. The Google Cardboard has sold over 5 million units since 2014.

The Google Daydream is focused for use with high-end phones like Google Pixel.

  • Oculus

The Oculus Rift made its debut in 2012 and later the company was acquired by Facebook back in 2014. The Oculus VR released the Rift on March 28, this year.

  • HTC Vive

The Vive is optimized for games. The HTC Vive was released in April. The Vive is also entering the entertainment business especially TIME and Google Earth.

  • Samsung

Samsung has its Samsung Gear VR which is compatible with the Galaxy-series smartphones. The commercial sale of Gear VR started in 2015. The company has developed a good quantity of games and managed to include Cartoon Network, and TV viewing with the Gear VR.

  • Sony

Sony released its VR headsets worldwide in October and it is focused mostly on gaming. The headset is named as PlayStation VR which indicates the headset is especially for gaming.


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