Bluetooth 5 is here: 2x speed, 4x longer range

Bluetooth is an essential standard wireless communication technology for electronics. With the use of Bluetooth, they communicate with each other in a small distance. It is also a power-efficient way. Electronics like smartwatches, wireless speakers, and the internet of things (IoT) depends on this standard.

Its previous version is Bluetooth 4.2 which was released back in 2014. It is very popular smartphone feature and is present in almost every latest mobile. Now, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has released the Bluetooth 5 as its next version. The SIG manages the Bluetooth standard. The new standard was announced back in June this year and it is now all set to release for developers and manufacturers.

The Bluetooth 5 technology is focused on bandwidth, speed, and range. It is more suitable for the management and controlling of smart home devices and systems.

The Bluetooth 5 will offer four times raise in range, twice up the speed to 2Mbps and allow eight times more capacity for sending the data as compared to the Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth is a low power consuming technology; hence, it is ideal for controlling the smart homes and all the other products connected to it.

Bluetooth 5 is here: 2x speed, 4x longer range

The company has been promoting the use of this technology to be used in the transformation of smart homes for sometimes, and it will be a major step towards that goal. By increasing the range, the Bluetooth now can cover the entire house more easily and the faster speeds will take care of the time it takes to communicate. Moreover, 800 percent increase in the message capacity will lead to transport more data.

The increase in data capacity will allow users to enjoy better Bluetooth audio quality, faster, and more consistent over-the-air firmware updates. With Bluetooth 5, the interference caused by other bandwidths will be minimized. A smartwatch usually doesn’t need a high-range, but the speed of transmission is really important.

The devices with Bluetooth 5 will expect to arrive in latest mobiles starting in 2017. The latest Bluetooth 5 will not replace the Bluetooth 4.2, 4.1 or 4.0 versions, but it will add functionality into the core technology as it will come with backward compatibility.


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