Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Apple iPhone 6s Plus – The Battle of Flagship Phablets

Have a look at the perfect, super-sized iPhone 6s Plus. It has a larger, sharper screen than the iPhone 6s and slightly better battery life. Meanwhile, the just-announced Galaxy Note 7 an ideal competitor. It comes with the brilliant design philosophy. So, here we bring to you the comparison of the top most praiseworthy phones of 2016 – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Let’s see who takes away the diadem.

Design: Fancy vs. the Fanciest

The iPhone 6s Plus is a slim and sleek phone, but thankfully, a bit thicker and stronger than the iPhone 6 Plus. However, phone feels a little larger than it should due to the extra bezel on the sides.

Although you will get attracted by the iPhone 6s Plus‘ ultra-minimal design, it lacks the Galaxy Note 7’s wow factor. The curved display with the matching curved glass on the back will surely mesmerize you. It’s big, beautiful and feels comfortable in the hand.

The Note 7 takes the cake away as far as the designs of the phones are concerned.

Display: 2k Or 1080p?

The Galaxy Note 7’s 5.7 inch AMOLED display delivers vivid colours, deep blacks and staggering crispness. It is a real 2K stunner. Every top-end Samsung screen since the Galaxy S6 has been an absolute winner.

The iPhone 6s Plus has  a 5.5 inch 1080p LCD with natural-looking colours and great contrast. However, if you look the duo together you’ll notice the Galaxy Note 7 just pops. Samsung’s screens beats other rival Android phones with 2K/Quad HD options also. Not to forget those sweet, sweet curves.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 again gets a thumbs up for display

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Apple iPhone 6s Plus - The Battle of Flagship Phablets

Camera: Serious Shootout

The Galaxy Note 7 uses the same sensors like the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge which are the best smartphone camera in the market today. However, the megapixel count for this year’s flagships was reduced from 16MP to 12MP this time on the great Galaxy S6 and Note 5. But the f/1.7 aperture and 1.4μm pixel size make it a better overall camera. The iPhone 6s Plus also has a 12-megapixel back camera, but with an f/2.2 aperture and 1.22μm pixel size.

Ultimately, the Galaxy cameras punch in additional light and deliver a bit more detail and vibrancy. Both the devices have optical image stabilisation and 4K video support.

But the Galaxy Note 7 looks to have the upper hand.

Power: Battle of the Beefcakes

We aren’t going to compare the Android and iOS operating systems as each have their own positives and drawbacks. With iOS, you get a super user-friendly closed ecosystem, but not very customizable. On Android, the selection isn’t as strong and compatibility may be a hit or a miss. But you get more core OS functionality and more freedom to get best mobile experience. Samsung’s TouchWiz launcher isn’t quite great, but it’s still fine-looking and totally usable OS. So, we love the both. In benchmark testing, the A9 processor in the iPhone 6s Plus might score lower than the Galaxy Note 7’s Exynos chip. Also the iPhone has half the RAM (2GB vs 4GB). Well in real-life usage, both are super speedy across each respective OS and in games and media. Well this match is a draw!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Apple iPhone 6s Plus - The Battle of Flagship Phablets

Bonus Features

When it comes to extra features that go above and beyond the standard set, the Galaxy Note 7 is built for both work and play. It has the S Pen stylus, that lets you jot down notes, create animated GIFs from videos, and do several other things. It is also compatible with the Gear VR headset. Unlike iPhone 6s Plus, the Note 7 has built-in wireless charging and is an IP68 water and dust-proof rated. It also comes with a microSD slot for expandable memory and includes iris-scanning security features.

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A perk on the iPhone 6s Plus is 3D Touch. Its pressure-sensitive screen tech gives access to quick-use menus, added features and gameplay elements.

Looking at all the features, the Note 7’s bundle of perks just seems a lot weightier overall.


We feel the battle is a bit asymmetrical here! For Apple fans the iPhone 6s Plus is a great phablet. But honestly, we were more fascinated with the new Galaxy Note 7 looks, its design and features. Between the two, the Note 7 has the more exciting design, a comfortable shape, a perky screen, a slightly better camera and other features that you won’t find on an iPhone. Apple on the other hand has the advantage of in app selection.

But if you’re looking for a phone that can handle lot other stuffs properly, the Galaxy Note 7 may be your best option.


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