Google Duo App Goes Live and Soon Will Be Available in India

Google’s video-calling app, Google Duo has been rolled out for Android and iOS users from today (August 16, 2016). The newly arrived app is said to be the rival for Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype. The announcement of Duo was done earlier this year in I/O 2016. Currently the app is available in a phased manner and soon will be available in India.

Duo is a cross-platform app which uses your mobile number to sign in and no further registration ID is required for using the app. The app works both on Android Phones and iOS Mobile Phones. The interface of app is kept simple to take out the complexity of using video calling feature.

“The video calling feature is surely the next best thing for keep in touch with someone. The design of Duo is kept simple, easy and friendly.”, said Mr. Amit Fulay, who is Product Manager at Google Group.

For places like India, where the network connectivity conditions are most unstable, the app will surprisingly adjust the call quality according to the bandwidth available without dropping your call. Duo works seamlessly and can automatically switch in between Wi-Fi and cellular data. This feature will keep the call active while you are on the go.

Google Duo app goes live and soon will be available in India

Undoubtedly, Duo will provide you the best quality video calls on a Wi-Fi connection, but in case you lose the Wi-Fi connection while travelling, the call will quickly switched to cellular data and will be optimized as per the bandwidth availability.

The official Google Duo app is now available for both iOS and Android from today. And it will be available worldwide in next few days including India. One of the best features of Duo is its ‘Knock Knock’ feature. This feature enables you to get a live video preview of the caller before you pick the call. The Duo comes with privacy and security provisions which ensure the call are end-to-end encrypted.


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