Samsung Foldable Smartphone Official Futuristic Video Spotted Online

With the MWC 2019 event drawing closer, we are surrounded by the news of the upcoming Samsung foldable smartphone. Excitingly, the official YouTube channel of Samsung Vietnam posted a video of the smartphone. This video gives us a glimpse into all the futuristic and conceptual ideas of the foldable device. Though most of it looks pretty unrealistic, the one thing that we can garner from the video is that Samsung will finally launch its foldable phone.

The Samsung foldable smartphone also known as the Samsung Galaxy F is most likely expected to make its debut on February 20. The company will launch the foldable device alongside the other Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphones.

Video Source: Ishan Agarwal

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Video Details

From the video, the foldable smartphone comes with a full-screen display. The foldable smartphone can then be opened like a book to make it look like a tablet. This design looks similar to the one we saw back in November. However, Samsung has improved the design and finish of the smartphone from when we last saw it in November.

The video that was originally posted on the Samsung Vietnam channel was later removed. However, that was more than enough for the video to make its rounds around the internet. The video is currently unavailable on Samsung Vietnam YouTube channel. Though, leakster Ishan Agarwal posted a couple of screenshots and the video of the smartphone on his Twitter profile.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Official Futuristic Video Appears Online

Furthermore, some of the interesting features that we can decipher from the video are the inclusion of an ultrasonic machine and an almost bezel-less display. The viewing experience on this smartphone will be an incredible one – it being one of the bezel less display mobile phones. Moreover, the video also reveals other cool and interesting features of the upcoming foldable device.

The 1-minute teaser has revealed an ultrasound USB-C attachment, motion tracking 3-way mirror-like display setup, incredible AR gaming action and a tattoo app. The tattoo app features a guy tattooing someone from afar with the help of a robotic arm. With all these staggering features, we cannot wait to see what actual features the Samsung foldable smartphone will offer. The confirmed features of the device will be revealed on February 20 – the day of its launch.


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