Samsung Family Hub 2019 Refrigerator Announced With Smart Features

Back in 2016, Samsung made a revolutionary change in the refrigerator segment by announcing its new range of Samsung Family Hub refrigerators. These refrigerators were immediately recognized for their touchscreen feature and are currently the top trending refrigerators. And since then, these refrigerators have only got better. Recently, at the CES 2019, Samsung announced its Family Hub 2019 refrigerator. It would not be too far-fetched to say that this new refrigerator by Samsung is feature packed.

The Samsung Family Hub 4.0 2019 is the fourth refrigerator of the series and it comes with AI and IoT capabilities.  Some of the other features include the support for the Bixby Voice assistant and the addition of a new 25.1-inch family board touchscreen which will allow users to post photos and messages. Moreover, the refrigerator has been designed to offer an emotional and cultural experience in the kitchen.

Samsung Family Hub 2019 Refrigerator Announced With Smart Features

Samsung Family Hub 2019: Features

Every year a new Samsung Family Hub refrigerator makes its debut. Most of the outer specifications of these refrigerators remain the same. Instead of the basics, Samsung improves the Smart features on these refrigerators every year. This year’s highlighted feature is the 21.5-inch touchscreen which is built into the door. Along with posting videos and photos, the touchscreen will also offer news and weather updates, play music, make a shopping list, set reminders, find recipes and much more.

Samsung Family Hub 2019 Refrigerator Announced With Smart Features

Another new feature seen on this refrigerator is the new and updated Bixby. With voice commands, Samsung Bixby will allow users to control their home IoT devices right from the kitchen. Furthermore, you can even connect your smartphone to the refrigerator to mirror third-party apps. Users will also be able to answer calls hands-free once connected to the refrigerator.

Samsung Family Hub 2019 Refrigerator Announced With Smart Features

Also, based on the ingredients available in the Samsung Family Hub 2019, the refrigerator will offer you recipe suggestions. Most importantly, the fridge can also remind you about the expiry date of the ingredients stored inside, which is one of the smart ways to organize a refrigerator. Here are all the features that the refrigerator offers:

  • Sharing photos and videos on the family board
  • Control smart home devices with the New Bixby
  • Smart food management
  • Home entertainment features

As of now, its launch date and price has still not been revealed by Samsung. The Samsung Family Hub 3.0 launched in India only a couple of months back. So, this refrigerator might take a while to hit the Indian markets.


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