Samsung CHG90 Curved QLED Monitor Launched in India

Earlier this year, Samsung had launched its first curved gaming monitor in India. And now, the company has just launched another curved gaming monitor called CHG90 Curved QLED Monitor. This time, Samsung has introduced the world’s biggest curved QLED monitor. The monitor is called as CHG90 which is a 49-inch super ultra-wide curved monitor. The CHG90 Curved QLED Monitor is priced at Rs 1,50,000.

As this is an ultra-wide monitor, it is ideal for business; however, it is the perfect monitor for gamers. The CHG90 curved QLED monitor comes with an 1800 radius of curvature which is an industry standard. It has a fast response time of 1ms and fastest refresh rate of 144Hz which offers blur-free experience while gaming.

Samsung CHG90 Curved QLED Monitor Launched in India

Moreover, it has Samsung’s own Quantum Dot technology, high dynamic range, flexible ergonomics, and a VA panel which avoids the light leakage. The latest Samsung monitor is designed to use flawlessly with Samsung Dex. In case you forget about the Dex, it is a unique device from Samsung which allow users to connect their Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, or Galaxy Note 8 smartphones directly to a larger screen to get a secured desktop-like experience.

Samsung CHG90 Curved QLED Monitor Launched in India

The new curved monitor has an Easy Setting Box S/W app for the desktop which allows users to split the screen to display various applications for multitasking. You can decide the sizes and functions of the application for the usage. The monitor offers finer control and has increased the speed with multiple input ports. So, you can easily connect any device to this monitor.

Samsung CHG90 Curved QLED Monitor Launched in India

Samsung says that the new monitor has a Flicker-free technology which helps in light comfort. Hence, the monitor is ideal for extended usage. Moreover, there is an Eye Saver Mode which filters the blue light on the display and reduces the eye-fatigue.

The Samsung CHG90 Curved Monitor is perfect monitor for serious business professionals and die-heart gamers.



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