Oukitel outs K10000S – a Skinny 10,000mAh Phone

Oukitel mobiles became enormously popular after unveiling its K10000 Smartphone. The USP of this cell phone was the oversize 10,000mAh battery that was enough to last for many days even with heavy usage. However, a downside of this gargantuan battery was that it made the handset rather chubby, up to 2cm at its thickest point. In today’s arena where ultra slim phone rule the market, Oukitel is all set to launch a thinner version of the phone called the Oukitel K10000S with the same battery size.

Although Oukitel is not exactly a high-profile company, but these Chinese phone maker had released some really interesting smartphones thus far. Few of other Oukitel-branded phones are Oukitel K4000, K6000 and K10000.

Oukitel Puts its 10,000mAh Smartphone on a Diet

Speaking about the latest mobile K10000S, the smartphone won’t be as thin as other phones on the market. However, using the latest advancements in battery tech the conglomerate is heading to reduce the S model’s bulk and weight. Along with this you will also find some big changes in the design. The overly rugged sharp metal look will be revamped with a cleaner more refined appearance that may feature leather back.

Oukitel outs K10000S – a Skinny 10,000mAh Phone

There is no confirmation regarding any internal hardware changes about the upcoming mobile phone – K10000S. However, sources speculate that Oukitel might offer superior performance by replacing the Mediatek MT6735 SoC for something more monstrous. If rumors are to be believed, the new phone shall run a Mediatek Helio P20 as a likely replacement, along with an extra helping of RAM. Such changes are also sure to reduce the screen’s length too.

So, what specs other specifications can we expect? Well, we’re still not sure! However, looking at the phone we hope that the specifications will be more powerful than ones included in the Oukitel K10000. Also chances are that the latest mobile will be a more affordable segment phone featuring at least 3GB of RAM. As far as the display is concerned, you can expect a 5.5-inch panel 720p or a 1080p resolution.

The Phone is already making a buzz in the market. We will have to wait a few more days in order to take a better look at this phone. Stay tuned to get more information.


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