Oppo Reveals the Prototype Design of its Foldable Smartphone

Foldable smartphones have made their debut with a lot of bang. In a span of one week, we witnessed three major smartphone brands announce their foldable smartphones. Soon after Samsung revealed its foldable smartphone, even Huawei announced its Mate X foldable phone at MWC 2019. Now, it’s Oppo’s turn to show off its foldable device. The prototype of the Oppo Foldable Smartphone has also been teased online. While Oppo failed to showcase its foldable device at the MWC 2019, the company posted some images on Weibo giving us a look at the smartphone.

The images of the Oppo Foldable Smartphone give us a glimpse at the device without revealing any of the key specifications. On the design end, the concept of the smartphone is pretty similar to the one we saw on the Huawei Mate X foldable phone. Nevertheless, the smartphone has also maintained some of the form factor that we saw on Samsung Galaxy Fold last week.

Oppo Foldable Smartphone Prototype Reveals Design & Features

Oppo Foldable Smartphone: Design Details

Based on the images, the smartphone is seen with an outward folding display. When folded, the smartphone is seen with two screens or a dual display. And, when unfolded, the device is automatically converted into a large tablet-like display. This concept is almost similar to Huawei’s foldable smartphone. Moreover, unlike the notched display mobile phone by Samsung, Oppo has not included any notch on its foldable phone.

On the rear end of the smartphone (when folded), the device is seen with a thick bar on the left side. This bar serves as a grip and houses the dual camera setup and flash. Interestingly, while Samsung & Huawei introduced triple camera mobile phones, Oppo has just included a dual rear camera set up. Additionally, the company has also included the Oppo branding on the bar.

Oppo Foldable Smartphone Prototype Reveals Design & Features

Other than the images, the company has not revealed any of the specification details of the smartphone. Moreover, Oppo has also claimed that it will not start the mass production of its foldable smartphone unless it sees a lot of demand. As for the price, we can expect Oppo’s foldable to be priced comparatively more than its flagship smartphones.


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