Do you Really Need the iPhone X-like notch on a Smartphone?

Apple is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. Every time the company launches a new device, the other smartphone makers try to incorporate technologies that are similar to the newly launched Apple device. And the latest iPhone X is not an exception to this. We have seen many smartphones that are launched with iPhone X-like notch in past few months.

The iPhone X-like notch on the display of these smartphones doesn’t provide any kind of performance improvements. Though, major smartphone brands are adding this design element to their latest product offerings. After witnessing demand for smartphones having such notch on the screen, Google is reportedly considering software support for smartphone coming with notches for its upcoming Android P version.

The recent MWC 2018 event showcased many smartphone models that bragged iPhone X-like notch on the display. While so, there were a few smartphone models that stood out from the rest without copying the notch.

Some notched screen smartphones adopted iPhone X’s design very well, while some appeared as worst examples. Here’s the glimpse of smartphones that adopted iPhone X-like notch.

Do you Really Need the iPhone X-like notch on a Smartphone?

Asus Zenfone 5, Zenfone 5z

The notch offered on Zenfone 5 series is a bit smaller than the original iPhone X model. The company has imitated the iPhone X quite well and at a certain time; you’ll start loving the Asus Zenfone 5 for its amazing design and latest Android O software.

Ulefone T2 Pro

It is the latest bezel-less smartphone from Ulefone that comes with a notch on the display. The bezels of the device are too thin. The design of the T2 Pro is very futuristic. The notch on display doesn’t seem to give distraction as the overall size of the screen is very large; you’ll hardly notice there is a notch present on the handset. Alongside T2 Pro, the company also launched its Ulefone X smartphone which is not as good-looking as the T2 Pro.

Other smartphones having iPhone X-like notch

  • Oukitel U18, U19
  • Wiko View2, View2 Pro
  • Noa N10
  • Vivo APEX

The need of iPhone X-like notch: Verdict

Do you Really Need the iPhone X-like notch on a Smartphone?

Undoubtedly, the notch offered on iPhone X comes with advanced hardware and software packaging. There is a TrueDepth Camera module available on the device which assists Face ID and Apple’s Animoji feature. On the other hand, most of the Android phones don’t offer any specific features related to the notch.

It means that you will not be benefited by the notch as it will not add any value to the functionality of the handset. Moreover, such notch will often get in the way when you will be watching videos or browsing the web. Again, the notch will leave less room for the notifications, battery percentage, and other information.

So in real-world usage, you don’t require the iPhone X-like notch for your device. Certainly, it is nice design element which will help your handset stand out from others. However, there are other smartphones in the market which are more powerful and innovative than these notched screen smartphones. So, the notch shouldn’t be a feature which you should look in a smartphone.


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