LG G7 Could Come With These Advanced Authentication Features

LG the renowned South Korean Electronics brand is all set to feature an advanced iris scanner for facial recognition in its next flagship, LG G7 smartphone. The facial recognition feature will not just unlock the phone but will also help in authenticating private information.

The iris scanner checks the biometric characteristics of the eye for authentication, along with a few added security features. The iris scanner can adjust and work in both light and dark settings. The size of the iris changes depending on the light reaching it. This indicates that the LG G7 smartphone can be unlocked no matter what the lighting conditions are.

LG G7 Could Come With These Advanced Authentication Features

Additionally, the sensor will register and store the iris image in its memory. The phone may ask the user to follow a series of dots which ensures that the scanner can’t be fooled by a photograph which makes the private information secure and hard to get. The details have been revealed through a patent first seen on LetsGoDigital.

Facial recognition has been the ongoing trend in the smartphone market. There were speculations about the iris scanner feature even before the launch of LG G6 and LG V30. However, these phones were launched without the facial recognition feature. But the LG G7 is anticipated to launch with an iris scanner and make an appearance at CES 2018 next month.

LG G7 Could Come With These Advanced Authentication Features

While most of the latest smartphones come with an iris scanner that can work only with infrared light, G7 can switch from infrared to regular light by using a camera. The design of the phone may lead to a smaller top bezel as there are fewer cameras and sensors on the front.

As for the phone’s specifications, the LG G7 could feature an OLED 18:9 display along with a Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB RAM, a dual camera on the rear and a selfie camera on the front.


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