LG Display Partners Microsoft, Apple and Google for Foldable OLED Displays

The flexible and foldable smartphones will no longer be just a concept as the upcoming flagship devices could feature flexible OLED displays. The South Korea-based, LG mobiles have a display arm named as LG Display which has been developing experimental display such as bendable, double-sided displays which can also be rolled up like a piece of paper. The display arm is reportedly tied up with major players such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google to build foldable OLED panels.

Besides these companies, the smartphone division of LG is involved in the partnership as well. Definitely, Samsung is anticipated to be the trendsetter in the bendable smartphone displays. Samsung is also rumored to showcase the commercial launch of the bendable display next year in its Galaxy S8 smartphone.

The LG Display has been developing the bendable panels for smartphones and has also come up with some prototype units. And the latest partnership will help the company to carry out the mass production of devices with foldable displays. As per an ETNews’ report, Samsung Display and LG Display will be clashing with each other to grab the top mark in the market of foldable displays.

The new partnership could also hint the possibilities of foldable display in the upcoming iPhone mobiles. Before this partnership, Apple was rumored to get the supply of flexible display from Samsung. However, the massive demand for the Apple mobiles was unable to fulfill by Samsung. Hence, Apple has moved to the alternative supplier for getting a flexible display. While so, some analysts believe that Samsung could be the mass producer of flexible displays as it holds great experience in the field.

As per the report, Google is also interested in the flexible OLED displays for its future smartphones, whereas Microsoft is interested for the iterations of its Surface lineup.

Earlier this year, Samsung mobiles was rumored to launch a 5-inch smartphone with a foldable display in 2017. It will comprise an OLED display which could be transformed into a 7-inch tablet as soon as you open it.


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