Boon or Bane: The Idea Behind Instant Water Heater

Monsoons are in full swing. Instead of light drizzling what we get to see is a heavy downpour. The season has finally changed and the chill has replaced the scorching heat. Taking a cold shower is only a matter of dreams (which no one wants to see!). Those who installed solar systems must be regretting. The dark clouds, after all, won’t allow the sun to transmit its energy. So, the solar water heaters pose a challenge but instant water heater comes to our rescue.

Electricity Consumption

Boon or Bane: The Idea Behind Instant Water Heater

It is important to save electricity by putting to use the right sized water geyser. The electricity consumption is directly proportional to the usage of hot water. It is of importance to choose an optimum sized water heater that fulfils our needs. It is always better to be conscious and switch on the water heater before the use and switch it off immediately after the use.

What are Instant water heaters?

These water geysers do not have the provision for storage of water. Chances are thick that extra water is not heated or the hot water is not wasted. It sounds great as the electricity unit consumption is apt with minimal wastage.

Some of the instant water heaters are from Arise, Ferroli, Crompton Greaves, Kenstar geysers to mention a few.

Boon or Bane: The Idea Behind Instant Water Heater

Shortcomings of an Instant Water Heater

The instant water geysers provide water at the desired temperature. Thus, it has a higher rating as compared to the storage water heater. Even if both of them have an equal amount of water to be heated and the units consumed are the same, the instant water heater puts more load on the system for heating the water immediately.

When studied on a larger scale, a huge infrastructure is needed to balance the same and prevent any losses.  On a public level, the costs can be arranged and budget becomes feasible. But on an individual level, when the load gets increased the additional money is taken in terms of fixed costs.

Boon or Bane: The Idea Behind Instant Water Heater

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Some Suggestions

  • Save water by using lesser water for all purposes.
  • Take a bath using a bucket instead of a shower or tub.
  • For places with extreme winters, a 15-litre water heater is sufficient and for the places with bearable room temperature, a 6 litre or 10-litre water heater is good enough.
  • Smaller water heaters provide ideal water heating because of smaller energy losses.
  • Few 6-litre or 10-litre water heaters are rated at 3kW and hence not recommended from the point of view of power consumed.


It is important to select a water heater based on power consumption, water requirement and the economic feasibility.


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