Huawei’s Concept Phone Launches Tomorrow

Did you remember the glamorous Honor 8 – 2MP Dual-lens Camera, Fast Charge-Long 3000mAH Battery Life and the seamless alluring body? I am a big fan of Huawei mobiles and this time the news about the concept phone from the brand has made me more impatient.

Yes, you heard it right. Wanting to steal some of the spotlight from Xiaomi’s very well received Mi Mix, Huawei is launching a concept phone tomorrow under the Honor sub-brand named as ‘Honor M’ or ‘Honor Magic’.

Previously, as per the rumor of this concept phone, assumption was made that the Smartphone shall be released under the main Huawei brand. However, the phone will wear the Honor name was confirmed by an insider @Kevin King Diary posted on Weibo.

The major reason behind this is that the phone doesn’t compete directly with the curved-display smartphones of Huaweithe Mate 9 Pro and the Mate 9 Porsche Edition. And with the success of the Honor 8, the hope the new concept phone has global band support and stand up at our expectations.

Features and Specifications

The Honor concept phone will employ a curved AMOLED touchscreen display made by Samsung. It is also supposed to be the first phone to feature Huawei’s super fast battery which charges up to 50% in just 5-minutes. Another important thing about the device is that it will allegedly come with no camera or speaker in the base configuration. Instead, the upcoming phone will come with a with a modular system or a set of peripherals that will provide the required function just like the Moto Z.

Huawei’s Concept Phone Launches Tomorrow

So, are can we expect another Modular Motorola mobile? Well, it’s hard to say that. For now we can just wait for the official launch of the mobile tomorrow to understand how the phone works.

All of these things do sound pretty hard to believe. The good news is that we’ll find out for sure how much of these rumored details were real in less than 24 hours.


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