Huawei to Design the World’s First 8K TV with Support for 5G

The television market has grown tremendously in the recent few years. At this year’s CES and MWC events, we saw a lot of companies work on 5G connectivity. It is pretty much clear that we will get to see quite a lot of 5G mobile phones launch this year. However, smartphones won’t be the only devices to support 5G. Even Smart TVs will be built to support 5G connectivity. In recent news, it is being speculated that Huawei is working on an 8K TV. Interesting, this Huawei 8K TV will most likely support 5G connectivity.

Huawei is currently working on now just one, but three 5G supported smartphones that will launch in 2019. Along with this, it also plans to launch an 8K TV with 5G support. If this stands true, then the Huawei 8K TV will be one of the best Ultra 8K televisions to make its debut. An 8K 5G TV will make it extremely convenient for users to download data-heavy content and watch it on a beautiful display in high resolution.

As of now, all the latest smart TVs only offer Wi-Fi support to connect to the internet. 5G connectivity will take TV technology to a whole new level. With 5G connectivity, the upcoming Huawei 8K TV will allows users to download high-res video ultra-fast, stream high-quality content, and also receive 360 degree views of various videos. At this point, it is still not clear if Huawei will add support for 360-degree video viewing on its TV. However, it could be in the loop.

By working on this TV, Huawei is in direct competition with Samsung. Samsung is a popular brand that is known for designing smartphones, televisions, appliances and wearables with innovative features and technology. If Huawei is indeed working on an 8K 5G TV and manages to launch it this year, it would make a huge impact in the television market.


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