How Can You Save Yourself From WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy?

WhatsApp has recently announced its new privacy policy which will help Facebook to show ads which matter to you in Facebook Timeline. According to the new policy, WhatsApp’s user data will help for improving ads experience on Facebook. With this new privacy policy, WhatsApp now assures that it will not allow any third-party banner ads. But it will share some user details with Facebook instead.

This is the first time when WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy after its acquisition by Facebook. One of the major motives behind the policy update is because Facebook wants to get integrated with WhatsApp to change the communication practices of businesses with their customers. Facebook will now make use of the shared information from WhatsApp users to get better its friends suggestion feature and will help businesses to reach out more users with improved ads targeting.

How you can opt-out from sharing your WhatsApp information with Facebook

Whatsapp is now informing its users about the updated privacy policies gradually through the app. A Notification about updated policy will receive on user’s screen for their approval. Before you click on ‘Agree’ button, just scroll down and tap on the ‘Read More’ option. This will show you the entire policy content, but at the bottom of this policy, you will see a tiny message together with a confirmation check box, “Share my WhatsApp account information….” Uncheck it and then click on Agree button.

How Can You Save Yourself From WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy?

But in case you’ve clicked on Agree accidently, you still have a chance to undo these settings. On WhatsApp, Go to Settings>>Account>>Share my account info. Here you’ll see an opportunity to uncheck the box and save yourself from sharing user information with Facebook. But to roll back the updated privacy policy agreement terms, users will only have 30 days and after which they won’t be able to make any changes and will have to share the user data by no choice.

Even if you opt-out for sharing your information with Facebook, WhatsApp will still obtain and utilize this information to develop its infrastructure, delivery systems, fighting spam, abuse or violation activities.

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