House Cleaning Tips: Appliances That We Often Forget To Clean

Diwali is here and so is the time to keep our house clean. Most households begin the ‘Diwali Cleaning or Safaai’ a month prior to the festival. It is the time when house cleaning tips like discarding all the unwanted items and keeping the house spotless is put into action. But among these house cleaning tips, we often forget to clean a few appliances. These appliances are the ones that are right in front of us and yet we neglect them. Let’s find out what they are:

Washing Machine

Washing machine helps us keep our clothes clean and tidy. But we forget that even our washing machines need cleaning from time to time. In spite of all the soap and detergent we put in for washing the clothes, germs can be found in washing machines. Keep your machine clean by checking in on the drain filter regularly and leaving the door open when the machine is not in use to let the air circulate.

Fridge Drawers

Like the other kitchen appliances, our fridge always looks clean from the outside. While it also looks clean and properly arranged to our eyes from the inside as well, it most of the time is not. Bacteria and germs are quick to appear if there are bits of old food. The best thing to do is to clean the drawers with some soap and hot water to instantly ward off all the bacteria present in it.

Small Home Appliances

Okay, so the small home appliances as a whole are too many and not something anyone would forget to clean. But the gap between the appliances is what we forget. We always make sure to keep all our appliances clean from the outside but we really need to get in the gaps. Our microwaves and mixers are a great example of such gaps. Get a small vacuum cleaner to do the work for you if your hands can’t reach into the crevasses.

TV Remote

We all hate seeing spots on our TV screens while watching a movie during lunch or dinner. But have you ever given a thought to the greasy hands that touch the remote while eating? Our hands are full of germs when we go outside, yet the first thing we do as soon as we get home is turn on the TV with the remote. Keeping the remote clean regularly with an antibacterial wipe is one of the mandatory house cleaning tips.


Whether you own a Laptops or a Computer, keyboards are the filthiest part of the system. Our hands carry germs of the different places we go to, and all those germs are directly transferred to our keyboards. It’s even scary to think about the amount of bacteria present in our keyboards. Make sure to regularly wipe your keyboard as an important house cleaning tip.

Well, we guess it’s time to get out the cleaning kit; Diwali cleaning is still not done. We hope these house cleaning tips help you keep your house shining this festival. Wishing everyone a happy and safe Diwali from Team Pricekart!!


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