Top 5 Reasons to Choose a French Door Refrigerator

Refrigerators have come a long way in the last few years. From being a single box that was used to store ice and food, refrigerators have evolved in terms of design, features and usability. There are various types of refrigerators in the refrigerator price list in India. However, a French door refrigerator has a truly unique design that makes it stand apart from the rest. French door refrigerators come with two side-by-side doors on the top section and a freezer drawer on the bottom. While the design is truly unique, these refrigerators offer some advantages when compared to the rest. Take a look at the top 5 reasons why you should opt for French door refrigerators.

Wider Shelves & Convenient Design

French door refrigerators come with wide shelves which makes it easier to store food. Additionally, these refrigerators also come with big door bins which can be used for storing bottles and jars. With such wide and spacious shelves, it also becomes convenient to locate food. Apart from the shelves, the top section which is dedicated to the fridge also comes with two vegetable drawers which will allow you to store them separately. Plus, with the crisper drawers being on top, you will not have to bend over every time you need something.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a French Door Refrigerator

They are Energy Efficient

You might not realize it, but refrigerators work really hard to maintain the cool temperature after you open the refrigerator door. This consumes a lot of electricity and energy. So every time you are opening the fridge door, your fridge has to work really hard to get back its standard temperature. However, that is not the case with French door refrigerators. These refrigerators come with 2 doors, so when you open one, the other is still closed which limits the cold air from escaping and maintains the internal temperature. This level of energy efficiency easily put these refrigerators in the 5-star refrigerator price list.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a French Door Refrigerator

Deep Drawer Freezer

Most refrigerator models come with the freezer on top, but a French door refrigerator comes with the freezer on the bottom. While this may take time getting used to, it is a very convenient design. We only store frozen foods and ice in the freezer and most of us don’t even require these on an everyday basis. Whereas other refrigerator models come with the crisper drawers on the bottom, and fruits and vegetables are ingredients that we require on an everyday basis. The deep drawer freezer makes it less problematic to bend over to fetch something from the fridge.

Huge Door Bins

The double door refrigerator price list consists of products that come with compact door bins. There is not a lot of space to store a lot of things in the door area. On the other hand, French door refrigerators come with huge door bins making it easier for you to store a lot of bottles, jars as well as condiments. If you have a huge family, a French door refrigerator could be the best option.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a French Door Refrigerator

Additional Chill Drawer

Not all French door refrigerators come with this feature. But some models come with a chill drawer in between the fridge and freezer section. This drawer is set at a temperature that is lower than the fridge area but higher than the freezer. It is specially designed to store items that need to be colder than the ones in the fridge and less than items stored in the freezer. So, storing items like fish or deli meats can be made convenient with this additional drawer.


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