5 Convenient Android Settings to Make Use Of

One of the best-added advantages of Android smartphones is the option to customize. Android phones will allow you to customize the display, theme, notifications and so much more. It gives you the sense of adding your personal touch to the layout of the smartphone. And if you have a smartphone from the Android phones price list, you will be no stranger to the various Android settings. However, most of us tend to overlook some of the most useful options. If you haven’t already made use of these settings, take a look at our Android setting to make use of that will make your smartphone usage super convenient.

Automatic Screen Brightness

The latest mobile phones price list comes with smartphones that automatically tweak and adjust the brightness of the room depending on the light. When we enter a brightly lit room or space, we automatically change our phones brightness to the highest level. Similarly, in a dark room, we change the brightness to the lowest. Instead of doing this manually, you can change the settings on your smartphone to adaptive brightness. This will automatically adjust the screen brightness depending on the light available in the area.

5 Convenient Android Settings to Make Use Of

Schedule DND Mode

When we are busy at work or in a meeting, call and message notifications can get pretty annoying. If you have a particular time of day during which you do not want to be disturbed because of notifications, you can schedule the do not disturb mode. Once you schedule it, the mode will automatically get activated for the time that you set it at. It is one of the best Android settings that will keep you away from distraction.

Zoom In on the Screen

While browsing through the web, we come across pages with tiny fonts and images that make it difficult for us to understand. Some of these WebPages allow us to zoom in and some don’t. However, your Android smartphone has a solution for this as well. Under the settings app, open accessibility > system > magnification gesture and turn on this feature. With this feature activated, you can zoom in on any page without a worry.

5 Convenient Android Settings to Make Use Of

Long Press Setting

We use the long press feature when we copy and paste text from one app to the other on our smartphones. But did you know that your Android smartphone allows you to tweak the time you spend on the long press? For this setting, head over to the settings app and open accessibility > system > touch and hold delay. Under this, you can choose from the short, medium or long touch and hold delay option. This feature can be activated on affordable phones under 10000 as well as high-end phones above 30000.

5 Convenient Android Settings to Make Use Of

Get Rid of Personalized Ads

This is definitely one of the Android settings that most people have no idea exists. Have you ever noticed that when you search for something on your smartphone, in the next few days you will see a lot of related ads? This is because Google keeps a track of what you are looking for and displays ads accordingly. If you want to get rid of these personalized ads, head over to the settings and open Google > Ads, once you do this you will find the option to opt out of Ads personalization. And voila, you will not be disturbed with any more personalized ads.


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