Forget Mobiles, Landline Phones are with Special Features

As smartphones are ruling the market, we have forgotten our first friend, the friend who was with us in every need and deed. For many of us, our connection with telecommunications dates back to landline phones.

The rapid decline in the landline usage can be marked very well in this digital age. Many households have elected to forego landlines while some still have these phones as permanent fixtures in their houses. Under such circumstances, it is a challenge to understand the different types of landlines. An additional benefit of landline phones over mobile phones is that they offer special features for some people with vision impairment or hearing disabilities.

Although the market seems to be declining, the landline phones have found their place in offices, small businesses and homes. Gradually the people are falling in love with these phones.

But after such a long lapse of time, the landline phones have changed least to be recognised.
Forget Mobiles, Landline Phones are with Special Features

To give a further clarity we have brought for you the types of landline phones which shall help you in choosing the perfect one.

Corded Phones

These phones resemble the old or first models in some way. They are available in both desktop and wall mounted models. But they do not provide the flexibility of a mobile phone or a cordless phone. They are an affordable option in landline phones. The primary advantage of these phones over corded phones is they are reliable when there is a power cut. Many of these phones have the speaker phone option and also longer cord provides greater mobility.

Alcatel Temporis Mini is one such Corded Landline Phone.

Cordless Phone

They are an option which bridged the gap between the affordability of a landline and the flexibility of a mobile phone. These phones make it possible for you to go on with the daily tasks without missing any important call. Many new cordless phone systems have a facility that multiple cordless handsets can work on one of the bases without any need of extra phone lines. Though they have multiple useful features, they come with a heavy price tag. Also, they become out of service with a power cut.

Panasonic KX-TG2358 is one Cordless Landline Phone.

Forget Mobiles, Landline Phones are with Special Features

Some Special Requirements

Landline phones these days are available with special features for people with special challenges. For those with hearing problems, the phones with amplified sound are available. Also the lights on the phone flash when the phone rings. Individuals with vision impairment can opt for Braille Telephones which are designed with larger buttons and Braille on the keypads.

Forget Mobiles, Landline Phones are with Special Features

Usage of Landline Phones

The use of landline phones has plummeted in the recent years owing to the rise in the use of mobile phones. But giving up landline phones is risky because if any time the cell phones are misplaced or lost we won’t have anything to ask for help when needed.

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