Foldable Gadgets are Around the Corner

In every upgrade of any gadget, a prominent change in the display and screen can be observed. That might be mobiles, tablets, laptops nothing has been an exception to this rule.

Mobiles have seen a huge change in them. Feature phones to smartphones have been a long journey but it doesn’t satiate the intellect of a human being.

Laptops with detachable screens got a good response. As smartphones started finding their utility in multiple areas, the idea broadened. Not only on the software front, but it was also desired that the hardware also offered multiple purposes. The size of the display of smartphones increased giving the feel of a TV.

Foldable Gadgets are Around the Corner

The laptops with detachable screens can also be used as tablets. The idea of a phone-tablet hybrid is not new but the way of presenting the same is becoming innovative.

The detachable screens are now paving a way for flexible or foldable screens.

On whatever is being said and heard, the following can be marked:

Lenovo’s Flexible Laptop Concept                 

Lenovo held an event in New York and revealed an interesting concept for “foldable laptops”. The gadget is bent in half and folded down. The screen touches the keyboard. Lenovo also revealed that one could speak to the laptop. But the company hasn’t given any further insights on their work regarding the same. The fold stretches from one end to other and the screen bends towards the keyboard.

Only time will tell, how and when the concept will materialise.

  LG patents foldable phone-tablet hybrid

The hope of having larger screens than their footprints has tempted many mobile companies to invest in the new innovative technology. LG is one of those. LG has filed another patent for a foldable phone which folds on the vertical side. Once you open the device, you feel like holding a tablet- looking device in Landscape Mode.

Foldable Gadgets are Around the Corner

Samsung foldable phones to arrive in 2019

Samsung has filed numerous patents for foldable devices. There were many speculations of these devices getting launched this year but the statement from the Samsung Display Principal engineer has put all the speculations to rest. It is being said that Samsung will unveil its new technology of foldable phones when the demand for bezel-free handsets reduces.

Foldable Gadgets are Around the Corner

Also, there are several technical challenges to be overcome. It is being considered that single-foldable phone might make an entry in 2019 and the multi-foldable ones will take more time.

The idea of flexible and foldable screens is very exciting and intriguing. But as they say, patience offers extraordinary rewards, we can only wait for the right time.


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