Five Reasons to Use Induction Cooktop at Home

The kitchen is the hub of every household, that’s where most of the daily activity takes place. Food is a basic necessity which makes cooking inevitable. And while some people enjoy cooking the rest find it uninteresting. To make the process of cooking more convenient, induction Cooktops were introduced.

An induction cooktop uses electromagnetism to heat up the pans and pots. The cooking process is completed faster as compared to a gas or electric stove. These cooktops are making a place for themselves in every household kitchen. Here are five reasons to use induction cooktop at home.

Speeds up Cooking

When compared to the other cooking appliances, induction cooktops are known for their speed. This is because heat directly goes into the pot making it heat faster and speeding up the cooking process. Whereas electric and gas cooktops use flames and electric burners to transfer the heat, making it a long process. The electromagnetic activity in induction cooktops activates the electromagnets in the cookware which directly heats up the pan. Cooking with an induction stove takes 20-25 percent less time when compared to a traditional stove.

Five Reasons to Use Induction Cooktop at Home

Energy Efficient

Based on the heating process involved in induction cooktops, it is simple to say that they are more efficient than electric and gas cooktops. A gas stove releases a lot of heat around the pan and the kitchen. The same way, an electric burner emits radiant energy when it is not in direct contact with the pan. With induction cooktops, heat is directly transferred to the pan to heat the food. This also ensures that not a lot of heat is released into the kitchen. And as these cooktops consume less energy, it also means lower power bills.

Ensures Safety

Cooking with a traditional cooktop, especially a gas stove requires a lot of care and attention as it is easily prone to a lot of accidents. Minor accidents like burning the hands on a hot surface or pan, forgetting to turn off the gas can create problems. On the other hand, an induction cooktop is reasonably safe to cook with. Induction cooktops only get hot near the pan, the rest of the surface is cool and safe to touch. Also, the pans cool down quickly once the heat has been turned off.

Five Reasons to Use Induction Cooktop at Home

Simple to Control

Temperature plays a very important role while cooking. Gas cooktops are responsive for adjusting the dial. An induction cooktop is just as responsive as gas, but it comes with even more settings. Induction stove allows exact heat control with temperature increments. It can even perform better with low heat settings.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning after cooking a meal is an unavoidable chore and it takes up a lot of time and energy. But, cleaning an induction stove is not too difficult. As the stove does not get too hot, the food does not burn on the top. So there are no chances of spills and splatters getting burnt or getting stuck on to the cooktop. Instead of a long scrub, a quick swipe with a sponge is more than sufficient to clean the cooktop.

Whether it is for safety or for efficiency, induction cooktops are the best choices for the modern kitchen. Some of the popular brands in India are Whirlpool cooktops and Kenstar cooktops. Choose the best induction cooktop for your kitchen from the list of innovative and high-technology cookware to change the way you cook.


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