Stunning Viewing Experience: 5 Best TV Brands in India

As humans, during our leisure time, we look for interesting sources of entertainment. Watching TV is our biggest go-to for a dose of entertainment, it also zests up our lives. From the huge boxes with black and white pictures to slim and sleek designs with colourful and crystal clear images, television sets have evolved over time.

While buying a television in India, there are several things that attract our attention. The one major factor that all of us consider is the best TV brands. With so many options in the market, making a decision becomes an overwhelming affair. To help you narrow down your choices, here is our list of the 5 best TV brands in India.

Stunning Viewing Experience: 5 Best TV Brands in India

Best TV Brands #5: Micromax Televisions

Micromax has made its name in the smartphone market for its budget smartphones. The company has made its mark even in the television market for excellent products at low costs. Micromax offers various TVs with different screen resolutions such as HD, Full HD, 4K Ultra HD and much more. Micromax’s LED TVs sport features like digital sound with home theatre effect, zero dots LED panel, ultra-low power consumption, built-in Wi-Fi and SRS audio. Micromax TV models come in various screen sizes to choose from.

Best TV Brands #4: Videocon Televisions

Videocon is the fourth brand on our list. Videocon features some of the best and latest technology for the Indian consumers. The TVs sport a lot of various features like mega contrast ratio, HDMI-CEC, 16.7 million colours and tremendous sound and picture quality. Videocon has some of the best-curved TVs with 4K ultra HD screen resolution for enjoying clear videos four times more than normal HD TVs. Panasonic’s curved TVs can be watched with clarity from all angles.

Stunning Viewing Experience: 5 Best TV Brands in India

Best TV Brands #3: LG Televisions

LG is a famous South Korean brand which has become a household name. The brand is equipped with various models like OLED TV, Smart TV, Full HD, Super UHD TV and UHD 4K TV. LG is especially known for its OLED TV technology and for having the best quality sub-optimum audio speakers. Different products under this brand posses features like humidity protection, lightning protection, and summer heat protection. Life is certainly good with an LG TV at home.

Best TV Brands #2: Sony Televisions

Sony televisions are known for their amazing picture quality across the globe. The excellent sound quality and affordable price range that Sony offers is what grabs the attention. The TV models are packed with advanced features such as built-in Wi-Fi, built-in woofers, Full HD and dynamic contrast.  Smart TV, Curved TV, Full HD TV, 3D TV, 4K TV are some of the various categories that Sony TVs are available in. Enjoy a wide range of brightness and colour spectrum with outstanding contrast and clarity with a Sony TV.

Stunning Viewing Experience: 5 Best TV Brands in India

Best TV Brands #1: Samsung Televisions

The brand that tops the list of our best TV brands is Samsung and truly deserves to be so. Samsung televisions are best known for their screen quality and smart TV features. Samsung TVs come in various categories 3D TV, Curved TV, Full HD TV and SUHD TV. These models sport different features like high-resolution images, lightning protection, surge protection, humidity protection, USB connection, filtering noise and built-in Wi-Fi. Experience an IMAX experience from the comfort of your couch with Samsung’s curved TV.

Buying a TV is a long thought out process which involves a lot of decision making. Hopefully, we have reduced the overbearing task of finding the best brand to pick from. Pick a brand and choose among multiple choices to pick the perfect TV of your choice.


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