Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Which One Should You Buy?

Fitness goals are one of the difficult yet crucial things to measure. Keeping track of your weight, workout timings, and activities you perform on daily basis is a good habit. But, this could take a lot of your precious time which otherwise can be utilised for the workout. How about employing a dedicated smart gadget to record your progress and get some extra time for workouts? Sound cool, but which gadget is best for you? Most of us get confused when it comes to choosing between the fitness tracker Vs smartwatch.

Fitness tracker Vs Smartwatch: What’s the difference?

Fitness trackers: It is a simple device which tracks your fitness. These are meant to help you maintain a record of your fitness activities like step counts, stairs climbed, calories burned and more. You can check your fitness data anytime you feel and it also notifies you to get moving when you get inactive for some time. The trackers are compatible with smartphones via dedicated apps. If you are looking for a gadget which can keep a record of your fitness progress, then a fitness tracker is all you need.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Which One Should You Buy?

Smartwatches: While fitness trackers only track your fitness progresses, the smartwatch is a wearable extension of your smartphone. Smartwatch looks similar to regular watch. All popular Smartwatches allow you to read and reply to messages, use apps, set reminders, and track fitness activities. While so, the battery life on Smartwatches is quite shorter than the one you get on fitness trackers.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Price

You can get a fitness tracker for as low as Rs 600 in India. Also, you can buy a more expensive model and pay close to Rs 8,500 or even further. On the other hand, the Smartwatch prices range from Rs 5,000 to more than Rs 30,000. The prices vary based on the features and functionalities you will get with the device. The more you’ll pay the more features you’ll get. Apart from features, the built-quality of the wearable influences the price tag. A plastic body device will certainly cheaper than the one with stainless steel ultra-durable characteristics.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Which One Should You Buy?

Fitness trackers Vs Smartwatch: Bottom line

If you are one of those who doesn’t care about having a smartphone-like device on your wrist, then fitness tracker is a better option for you. You will get fitness tracking features at a lower price than the smartwatch.

If you are one of those who like to look stylish and get fitness tracking alongside, the smartwatch is a better option for you. You will get accessibility of getting extra bell and whistles like a smartphone on your wrist, while the fitness data is been recording in the background.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Which One Should You Buy?

Still can’t conclude on which one is the best wearable for you? Start with an entry-level fitness tracker and get used to the motivation you’ll get after tracking of your fitness data; and if you desire for more advanced features, invest in a high-end fitness tracker model or try a smartwatch as an upgrade.


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