Experience Virtual Reality with These Cool Apps

The first things first! Most of us still wonder about what is virtual reality? Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created in such a way that the user thinks it’s as good as real. It is experienced through our sight and sound senses with the help of Virtual Reality Headsets. Moreover, virtual reality is a different experience when compared to everything else. After all, imagine wanting to go to space and actually experiencing it with the help of VR.

Majority of us would probably not be able to go to Mars, skydive from the tallest peak, cave dive in freshwater or even be on stage with our favourite band while they are performing. But, virtual reality can make these things possible to experience right from the safe comfort of your house. Let’s have a look at the really cool apps that take experiencing virtual reality a notch higher.

Google Arts & Culture

Experience Virtual Reality with These Cool Apps

The Google Arts & Culture is a dream app for everyone who enjoys art and culture. Experiencing the world of culture from the comfort of your couch has been made effortless. With over 1200 international museums and galleries spanned across 70 countries the exhibits are accessible for everyone with a VR headset to tour. The app allows the user to have a 360-degree tour, zoom views, browse by time and colour, and find museums and cultural events that are happening around you and much more such fun features.


Experience the innovative and informative future of storytelling with the ‘Within VR app’. It is an app with immersive story-based content in a variety of genres. This app works alongside with gripping movies and documentaries to give you a sense of actually being there. It takes you a step further into the world of entertainment like never before. This app gives the viewer a 360—degree view including the ability to move around and see everything in the surroundings.


Experience Virtual Reality with These Cool Apps

One of the most loved games of our childhood has now turned into a virtual reality app and gives us the chance to dive into the world of Minecraft goodness. It has a complete 3D audio system. Now you can build, battle and explore in the virtual land of Minecraft. With a VR headset now come face to face with angry mobs and creep into dark caves to enjoy your world of gaming.

Google Cardboard

For everyone who owns the Google Cardboard Headset, the Google Cardboard is amongst the first app to especially download. The Google cardboard app will take VR on your smartphone to another level. This app allows you to consume all types of content using the Google Cardboard Viewer. Also, this app gives you the opportunity to try out various immersive demos like flying where ever you want to on Google Earth, take an arctic journey and unwind under the northern lights and a list of other exciting demos.

YouTube VR App

Experience Virtual Reality with These Cool Apps

The YouTube VR app lets you watch any video on YouTube in the world of VR and gives you the opportunity to experience everything in 3D. Viewers can browse and watch all types of 3D or standard rectangular videos in virtual reality through this app. Furthermore, the wide variety of videos right from music to cooking will never let you get bored. It is a chance to experience spatial audio while watching the videos.

Are you excited to try these apps? Let us know what your favourite Virtual Reality Apps are in the comments section below.


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