Everything you need to know about the History of Mobile Phones

A lot can happen in 45 years. The life in the 1970’s era was transformed by a technology, mobile telecommunication. Ever curious about knowing the history of mobile phones? This article is for you then. The world’s first mobile phone was made by Motorola and the first phone call was made by company’s senior engineer, Martin Cooper on April 3, 1973. The mobile phones are evolved in unbelievable pace since then.

Here’s the glimpse of the history of mobile phones.

Initial Phase

The first prototype of mobile phone was used first time to make a call by Cooper weighed around 1.1kg. Cooper called a rival telecommunications company and informed them that he was making the phone call via a mobile phone. The device had to charge for around 10 hours to get 30 minutes of talk time on it.

The first commercial mobile phone was later released in 1984 called as the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X for a cost of £2639 (roughly Rs 2,18,265).

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Let’s have a look at how the mobile phones evolved in past 45 years.

Motorola DynaTAC prototype was the first mobile phone in the world.

Motorola MicroTAC was the world’s first flip phone.

The first ever text message was sent from a mobile phone in December 1992.

IBM Simon was launched in 1993 and it was the world’s first smartphone which had a fax machine, pager, and PDA capabilities.

Nokia 8810 was the world’s first mobile phone without an external antenna whip.

Everything you need to know about the History of Mobile Phones

Nokia 7110 was the first mobile phone to feature Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

Sharp J-SH04 was the first commercial mobile phone to have a camera equipped with it.

The first Apple iPhone has launched: the 3G iPhone.

The first Android mobile was launched called as HTC Dream Slider.

HTC EVO4G was the first mobile phone to meet 4G Standards.

Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched which is believed to be one of the very best Android mobiles of its time.

Nokia Lumia 1020 featured an enormous 41MP camera sensor to get the title of ‘The best Cameraphone’ of its time.


Mobile phones have come an unbelievably long way in a short time. The technology advancements in hardware, software and others helped the mobile. Today’s smartphones are chasing to lead the more powerful and make use of faster processors and better networking capabilities race. However, the desire to have better and the next technologies will bring plenty more innovation in the coming years.


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