Download Prisma for Android – Turn Every Photo into Art!

Prisma, the photo filter app hardly requires any introduction. Within weeks of its release, the app is all famous around the world despite; it was just available for iOS. But now, the app has arrived on the Google Play Store making it officially available for Android mobile phones.

Be an artist! Turn your photos into awesome Artworks with Prisma

Prisma has been taking over people’s Instagrams. The basic concept behind Prisma is fairly simple. It is something unique that wasn’t been tried before. It’s led to an influx of pictures using new filters. It makes images look like paintings. So, head out to the Play Store & don’t hesitate to bring out the Munk or Picasso in you by using their ornamental styles and patterns.

Striking Statistics

As per The Next Web Prisma been downloaded around over 10.6 million times just on iOS and has around 1.55 million daily active users. Other than these statistics:

•    Over 400 million photos have been ‘prismed’
•    Daily downloads maxed out about 700k

Here is what Prisma Has to Offer!

The photo filtering app would undoubtedly be the more used app. The Android app will have features similar to the iOS version – with over 30 filters, support for either clicking a new photo or else choosing existing ones from your gallery. Prisma is also said to launch a live video support for the near future.

Download Prisma for Android – Turn Every Photo into Art!

The app is all set to offer all new set of cool styles and modern art filters. However, the least popular filters and styles will be deleted. You will surely rejoice at stunning photo effects from the spectrum of high-quality filters that the app will offer! Not to mention the fast sharing capacity. So kudos to Prisma for cutting the weight!

The Downside

Several users complain that the app lacks the ‘Save’ option that is available on its iOS counterpart. The ‘Save artworks automatically’ feature doesn’t work as well.
However, despite these complaints, the app has managed to receive favorable ratings the Play Store for Latest Android Mobiles. It won’t be wrong to state that Prisma may pose a serious threat to other photo-filter apps currently available for mobiles.

Putting in a Nut Shell

Download Prisma for Android – Turn Every Photo into Art!

Overall the Prisma is a WIN-WIN app! It has received 4.1 out of 5 rating in the play store. We loved it for it’s incredibly ease of usage, and its potential reminds us of Instagram when it first launched.


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