Ways To Download HappyChick Emulator App On Your iPhone

Playing console games on the iPhone or iPad has been a big part of many iOS users lives for so long, thanks to Cydia and its huge selection of games emulators. With Apple not supporting anything other than iOS games, Cydia has widened the choice for thousands of people. These days, jailbreaking isn’t so widely available, and users are starting to look for alternative options. One option is HappyChick emulator app, a free app that provides support for many different consoles.

HappyChick does not require a jailbreak, and it works on all iOS devices. Those with 2 GB RAM or more will experience better and smoother gameplay though and will be able to play the heavier games with ease. Usually, 4GB RAM mobiles work better for such games. The app offers compatibility with plenty of games including GTA, Super Mario, Dragon Ball Z, FIFA, Call of Duty and many more.

App Features: 

HappyChick comes to us from Xiaoji Studio and has lots of cool features:

  • Supports more than 18 different games consoles – PPSSPP, Nintendo, Gameboy, PS1 and many more
  • Choose from hundreds of different games
  • Add your own game ROMS
  • Private cloud servers are used for hosting, providing security and high-speed downloads
  • Play any console game you want, from the retro favorites to the latest games
  • Online multiplayer gaming is supported
  • Record gameplay and share it
  • LAN support offers gaming on local servers for some games – no Wi-Fi needed
  • No need for separate emulators – just one click will play any game, regardless of platform
  • Customized game maps and controls
  • Cloud servers for syncing
  • Supports all devices

How to Download HappyChick Emulator:

 One emulator app, two ways to download it.

Method 1: Panda Helper App

 Panda Helper is one of the best unofficial app installers, offering tons of modified apps and games, tweaks, and other emulator apps besides HappyChick. Everything is free to use, and there is no need to install a jailbreak.

  1. Download Panda Helper APK onto your Android device.
  2. Once it has downloaded, you will see it on your home screen
  3. Before you use it, you do need to trust the developer; open your Settings app
  4. Navigate to Profiles under the General section
  5. Tap the developer name in the profiles and tap Trust
  6. Close Settings and open the installer
  7. Use the search bar to find HappyChick emulator
  8. Tap on it and tap Get > Install
  9. Leave it; it may take a couple of minutes to install
  10. When it’s done, you can enjoy all your favorite console games, right there on your iOS device

Method 2: IPA File Installation

 For this method, you will only get HappyChick emulator, none of the additional content that Panda Helper offers. You need your Mac or PC and your Apple ID.

  1. On your computer download Cydia Impactor and the HappyChick IPA file
  2. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer and open Cydia Impactor
  3. Your device will be detected, and you can drag the IPA file into the open app
  4. Type your ID and password in
  5. Wait; Cydia Impactor will need a few minutes to sign and install the file onto your iPhone or iPad
  6. When it’s done, open Settings > General and go to profiles
  7. Trust the Guangzhou Ltd profile or your Apple ID, whichever is there, and the app is yours to use for free.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 To finish off, here are some FAQs on HappyChick emulator.

Can I Update HappyChick Emulator?

 Yes, and the developers will notify you when an update is available. Just tap the notification advice and follow the update instructions.

How Do I Stop HappyChick Crashing?

 The most common cause of this is device performance. Go through your iPhone or iPad and remove all apps, files, etc. that you no longer need and transfer your media files to the cloud or to an external flash drive. Also, clear your cache files. When you are done with a game, uninstall it.

How Safe is HappyChick?

 Very safe. The developers, Xiaoji Studio, have put in a lot of work to ensure your safety while you use their emulator app. One thing that makes it safe is the fact that you don’t need to jailbreak first; that means your iOS isn’t hacked into and your device is not left open to the threat of malware or viruses from external sources. We tested HappyChick extensively and can also confirm that it doesn’t pose any problems for you. Do cover yourself; whenever you  use unofficial software you should always have anti-virus software on your iPhone or iPad

HappyChick emulator is a great way of getting all your favorite console games together in one app. No matter what platform your games are on, this emulator app will support it. It’s free so download it and have fun.


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