Smartphone Brands Bollywood Celebrities Are Endorsing in 2018

Celebrities are more than just people that we watch on the big screen. We follow these stars religiously as they have an overwhelming influence on our lives. Everything that these celebrities do becomes a major sensation across the country. Seeing our religious dedication, many brands have realized the value of partnering with these celebrities to improve their overall visibility in the market. Celebrity endorsements help various smartphone brands achieve their target sales and goals. In fact, it’s not just smartphones! Have you ever noticed the number of advertisements involving a celebrity when you turn on the TV? The ad space is filled with different celebrities endorsing various brands.

So, if you are wondering which smartphone brand your favourite celeb is endorsing, take a look. Here are the top celebrity endorsements for various smartphone brands in 2018.

OnePlus Mobiles

Celebrity Endorsements for Various Smartphone Brands in 2018

OnePlus Mobiles – Amitabh Bachchan

A Chinese smartphone brand that emerged in 2013, has rapidly risen to the top today. OnePlus mobiles are among the best picks when it comes to the mid-range smartphones. The brand is famous for launching two flagship smartphones annually. Popularly known as the ‘Shanensha of Bollywood’, Mr Amitabh Bachchan is currently endorsing the brand. In our opinion, OnePlus has partnered with the right celebrity for endorsing their brand. Just like how Mr Bachchan is ageing like fine wine, OnePlus smartphones keep getting better year after year. Recently, the company launched the OnePlus 6T smartphone, which has been received with a lot of appreciation in the mid-range segment.

Oppo Mobiles

Celebrity Endorsements for Various Smartphone Brands in 2018

Oppo Mobiles – Deepika Padukone & Siddhart Malhotra

If you love clicking selfies, then you have got to love Oppo Mobiles. In the recent few months, the brand has mainly focused on designing ‘selfie-centric’ smartphones. Additionally, Oppo mobiles are pretty well-known for their classy looks and affordable price tags. The brand has signed the glam girl of B-town Deepika Padukone and the charming Siddhart Malhotra as their ambassadors. The latest TV commercial shows both the celebs flaunting the Oppo F9 smartphone.

Additionally, Oppo smartphones offer great features and performance, look stylish in the hands and are equipped with amazing selfie cameras. Also, if you are a big fan of the popular reality show ‘Big Boss’, then you must have noticed Salman Khan (a.k.a Bollywood ka bhaijaan) flaunting the Oppo F9 Pro smartphone.

Vivo Mobiles

Celebrity Endorsements for Various Smartphone Brands in 2018

Vivo Mobiles – Aamir Khan

This is another famous Chinese smartphone brand that has made a place for itself in the Indian market. Just like Oppo mobiles, even Vivo mobiles are known for their ‘selfie-centric’ features. In the past, we saw many TV commercials with Ranveer Singh endorsing the brand’s smartphones. However, a couple of months back, the brand partnered with Mr Aamir Khan as their Indian ambassador. Just like Bollywood’s perfectionist himself, Vivo smartphones aim to offer a perfect experience to a user.

Xiaomi Mobiles – Redmi Y Series

Celebrity Endorsements for Various Smartphone Brands in 2018

Xiaomi Redmi Y Series – Katrina Kaif

Xiaomi is a popular smartphone brand name when it comes to affordable and efficient smartphones. The brand designs smartphones that offer great performance and reliability. While the brand has not particularly signed any celebrity for endorsing their smartphones, it has partnered with Katrina Kaif to endorse its ‘Redmi Y’ Series of smartphones. Xiaomi Redmi Y series smartphones are specifically designed for the selfie camera functionalities. Who better to endorse a range of selfie cameras than the ever-gorgeous Katrina Kaif, right?

These are some of the celebrity endorsements for the top smartphone brands in 2018. Stay tuned for more updates on the other smartphone brands that celebrities are endorsing in 2018.


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