Simple Tips to Help Beginners Choose the Best DSLR Camera

Even though smartphone cameras keep getting updated with new features and better resolutions, there are limited options to make photographs look creative with a smartphone camera. Whether it is a new found passion for photography or a plan to upgrade from a simple point and shoot camera, buying a DSLR camera requires a well thought out plan. And with so many options with such amazing features, it becomes difficult to narrow down on a camera. Fear not! Following are a few simple tips to help beginners choose the best DSLR camera.

Ease of Use

For most beginners, all DSLR cameras will look the same, but they are not. For a complete beginner, try to opt for a camera that won’t puzzle you trying to understand how it works. Most of the DSLR cameras for beginners come with an on-screen guide and intelligent auto modes which makes it easier to understand the features and learn how to use the camera in the best possible way. After coming to a decision on the camera body, the kit lens is the next thing to consider. They are inexpensive and offer common zoom range which is a great way for a beginner to kick start photography.

Simple Tips to Help Beginners Choose the Best DSLR Camera

Mode of Photography

Every DSLR camera comes with its own set of features and modes. But these modes are different on every camera, like panorama, food, scene intelligent autofocus and much more. Think what kind of photography you are into before buying the best DSLR camera for yourself. For instance,

  • Macro photography requires a slow camera with interchangeable lens
  • Action and sports photography camera requires a fast camera that captures the scene with perfect accuracy
  • Night photography calls for a camera with less noise in low light
  • And, for portrait photography, again a slow camera will work best

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Size of the Sensor

Sensor size is one of the most important features to consider before buying a DSLR camera. Every DSLR camera comes with an image sensor inside it. It is fairly simple, the bigger the sensor size the more information can be captured. This means, clearer photos are captured, especially when they are zoomed in. There are three widely used image sensors- Full Frame, APS-C and Four Thirds. APS-C sensors are the best-suited sensors for beginners. These sensors crop the photograph by 1.6x and offer great image quality.

Simple Tips to Help Beginners Choose the Best DSLR Camera


Speed is an essential feature for every photographer to have in a camera. And even entry-level DSLR cameras allow the user to capture a burst of shots at about 3 to 4 frames per second (fps). For instance, if you are a newbie to portrait photography, the speed of the camera will help in capturing the perfect expressions. It all comes down to what you are planning to capture. If the plan is to capture fast-moving action the burst rate needs to move a level up to around 5 to 6 FPS.

Still Images or Video

If you are looking for the best DSLR camera for recording videos then go through the recording options in the camera. Some entry-level cameras record videos that are non-HD or record only in 720p. Although, there are a few DSLR cameras that can record in full HD resolution at 1080p. Additionally, the motion in the videos looks smoother with higher recording frame rates compared to lower rates.


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