Are the Festival Sales a Good Occasion to Getting Tech You Want?

While the festival sales of major e-commerce players such as Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, and others are going on, many are confused whether to grab the best gadget deals or not. If you also belong to those, you are not alone. Many times, buyers get frustration after receiving news of the price drops or exciting offers on the smartphone which they’ve just purchase at a much higher price. If you want to stay away from such frustrations, this story is for you.

Smartphone and other gadgets buying are becoming a regular activity nowadays. Replacing your existing device with a newer and shinier one is really irresistible sometimes. There are three different types of gadget buyers- Day-1 buyers, Deal chasers, and practical buyers. Find out where you fall under:

The Day—1 Buyers

The people in this criterion want to buy the latest gadgets right on its launch date. They like to flaunt their newest gadgets in the town. These persons are ready to stand in a queue for getting their device.

It is quite obvious that the smartphone you’ve just bought at the launching price will witness price drop to get acceptability in the competitive market. For instance, the Apple iPhone 6s was launched in India for a price of Rs 62,000, which fell down by the tens of thousands just after few months of its launch. Sometimes it happens even in weeks. So it is never advised to buy any gadget on its Day-1.

So, why do people buy on Day-1? Well, many of us like to be the early adopters of the latest technology. Buying a brand new smartphone on the Day-1 knowing that the prices will drop down is all good for these buyers. They only lost some extra money but in return, they get the elite hands on the latest gadget.

The Deal Chasers

These people like to upgrade for a new gadget even if they have the good working device. The price drops and the deals are resistive to them. The deal chaser category eliminates the pitfalls of the Day-1 buyers, but it does have its set of disadvantages too. As you see a good deal today, tomorrow you’ll find a better one.

Sometimes, deal chaser feels that if I’ve waited for some time, then I could have got a better deal. But again, how long one should wait for a better deal?

The Practical buyers

Lastly, there are the practical buyers. These are the ones who use their devices until they reach to its breaking point. This category of buyers is always on a brighter side. They make the most of their purchase as they use the device much longer than the above-mentioned categories. But, what if your device breaks down in such a situation that you have to buy the device at the available price just because having no other choice?

For example, if your smartphone dies sometimes in July, and  you want to buy the iPhone, you’ll either have to find some alternate options or wait until September for new iPhone launch. And even worse when you have to buy the existing iPhone knowing that a better one is arriving soon.

Many times, people do buy gadgets just because it is available at cheaper price. But they use the device once or twice only. We can’t say this about the smartphones, but in chase of the cheap-priced smartphone, you throw away your existing device which is still actually working fine. So here, the money well spent could turn to money wasted sometimes.

At the end of this story, we’ve reached the point where the question has raised: Are the Festival Sales a Good Occasion to Getting Tech You Want?

The answer is ‘whenever you want to’. Instead of thinking too much about the existing deals and offers on the gadgets, one should always try to ask themselves that ‘do I really need the gadget that I’m going to buy?’ If the answer is yes, then go on.

Reference: Gadgets360


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