Apps Every User should Download After buying an iPhone

Every one desires to buy an iPhone and if you have one then, well, take pride in considering yourself the fortunate one. The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the best devices developed by Apple. The added benefit, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users get, is the iOS 10. The new iOS 10 update is amazing as this update brings you smarter Siri, better message/mail management, more accurate maps, better music experience and yes more entertainment.

So by now you must have checked out your iPhone 7 plus sitting on that cloud 9, and must be wondering about the apps to be downloaded in it. Well, we have some good suggestions. Here are the best 7 apps that you must install in you new iPhone 7 (Plus).

  1. Cinemagraph Pro: Since the camera of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is just breath taking, you can do much more creativity with it. This is a free app that will make creating cinemagraphs very easy. Picture cropping, rotating, color adjustments and toning is very impressive with this app. It is best at converting a video into a mesmerizing cinemagraph. Use the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera for creating the best work of art.
  1.  Adobe Lightroom: This app is a picture editing app for many professional photographers. It can also shoot photos in RAW or DNG format, the format which is usually used by professionals. Powered by the giant Adobe Photoshop technology, this app knows how to make a picture look like crafted by experts. You can combine multiple images, remove objects or replace them using the Adobe lightroom. Brightness, contracts, and color of images can be improved drastically using Adobe Lightroom.
  1. Foursquare: Foursquare finds best places for you to eat, shop and visit. This app will send you smart notifications on where you can go for hangouts. It is a guide that will lead you to best spots in the city. It also keeps a track of the places you have visited and places you wish to visit. If you wish to eat a particular type of food, it will list out best restaurants and suggest you to try new places where you can make your taste buds dance.
  1. Square Cash: This app helps you to send money in iMessage or Siri. Using this app you can pay to your friends, pay bills, transfer money to different accounts, etc. Thanks to iOS 10, now the iMeassge app can be used for money transfers too along with messaging. If you don’t want to use iMessage or Siri, you can spend money directly using the app too. There is a built-in Visa virtual card number using which payments can be done from Square cash.
  1. CSR Racing 2: For gaming lovers, CSR Racing 2 is one of the best racing games. This is a virtual car racing game where you could play live with players across the globe. You can custom built fantastic cars like LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Lamborghini and many more. This game has 3D next gen graphics which makes the racing tracks appear to look as good as real. The high-performance processor of iPhone will not let this game lag while you are playing.
  1. Netflix: iPhone 7/7 Plus has best display and speakers. Download Netflix and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. Netflix is world’s largest subscription service for watching movies and TV episodes in mobiles. This app has good quality videos and movies. Netflix gives you 1 month free subscription and later it’ll charge you accordingly.
  1.  Spotify Music: Spotify is a music app that will provide you high-quality online streaming music. This app is loaded with a wide range of songs, albums, remixes and music from across the world. You need not store long playlists on your smartphone, this app saves the memory that you may waste on downloading songs from iTunes. Your iPhone 7 (Plus) is born to beat, make it sound great using Spotify.

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