Apple to launch the next iPhone with a 256GB storage variant: Report

Apple’s next flagship device, iPhone 7 might address all your storage needs. As per the rumors, Apple is about to ditch the 16GB storage variants for its upcoming devices which will be replaced with 32GB variants. More on this, some reports are claiming that Apple is expected to launch its latest iPhone with 256GB storage variant.

According to Digitimes, NAND flash vendors have raised the chip prices due to the heavy demand for new smartphones; mainly for the iPhone 7 featuring a storage capacity of up to 256GB. These prices will keep on increasing till the fourth quarter of 2016. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are two pioneer NAND flash providers that have soared up their prices, stating the enticed orders from their system customers.

Assuming that the upcoming iPhone will succeed in terms of sales, the NAND flash prices will not plunge in near future. But if the demand for iPhone 7 will be lesser than the expected one, then the NAND memory might start getting cheaper in the first quarter of 2017.

Apple has introduced the 128GB storage variant from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus keeping a dedicated iPhone user in mind who like to capture a lot of pictures and videos on their device. Having said that, Apple still has stuck to the 16GB as the base model, which is insufficient space for any hard-core iPhone user.

The latest smartphone devices from Apple are capable of capturing live photos and 4K video recordings. Having such heavy memory consuming features, 256GB storage variant will definitely attract potential buyers.

Even Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Note 7 with a 64GB version, and furthermore, the smartphone supports microSD cards of up to 256GB. That mean the total available storage will around 320GB on this flagship device. The heavy shortage of NAND flash might have caused due Samsung’s step to offer 64GB only version for Note 7. But this is not clear as of now.

Reference: BGR | DigiTimes


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