Apple is in Talk to Start Manufacturing in India: Report

Apple is reportedly in discussion with Indian Government to see the opportunities for making products locally. The Wall Street Journal reported that the US-based tech firm is in talk with the Indian government for manufacturing of its products in India. Two senior government officials have told WSJ that Apple is trying to increase its sales and presence in the South Asian countries.

The report further stated that Apple wants to follow its China model in India and hence seeking financial enticements. It also added that the government is exploring the proposals. However, which Apple products will be manufactured in India was not mentioned in the report.

Last month, Apple has outlined its plans and required financial incentives to progress in a letter to the Government. The Senior Trade Ministry authorities were gathered to discuss the matter.

Manufacturing of products like iPhones locally will allow the company to commence its own stores across the country. This will also help the company to build its brand as the company has less than a 2 percent of smartphone sales.

Interestingly, Apple is also thinking of its manufacturing plant in the US. As per a recent report, the company has asked its manufacturer, Foxconn to set up a plan on how lucrative it would be if the company move to manufacture its products in the US. The US President-elect Donald Trump had assured his voters that he would get Apple to manufacture their computers in the US in the recent elections. However, Apple has not commented on any of such reports.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi also trying to accelerate the tech manufacturing in the country in favor of his ‘Make in India’ initiative. The government has exempted the foreign retailers for three years back in June for sourcing 30 percent of goods locally in their stores.

At present, Apple does not have its own stores in India. The company sells its products through distributors like Ingram Micro and Redington. It manufactures in six countries including Japan, Korea, and the US.


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